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If you’re in a bind looking for the perfect retreat check out Lake Como for your glamorous getaway for a slice of the La Dolce Vita. It’s under an hour away from the party scene in Milan, rich in sophistication, history, tranquil weather, wildlife, awe-inspiring views, and luxurious settings. Sedated and surrounded by lake side villa that contain all the pleasures and elegance that create Italy, this place is a must see and must explore destination. Lake Como is considered by the world as a playground where the glamorous gather to enjoy one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe softly hidden by the snow glazed Rhaetian Alps. The southwest tip of the city of Como has been bourgeoning as a hotspot of visitors for all bank of all social classes making it an interesting and exciting mix. Join the fun with our count down list.

1. Roam around the heart of Como’s Old Town, the Piazza San Fedele for a hauntingly poetic memory. The square is surrounded by 400 year old building, wanderer their paths and find your way into the center. There you’ll find the statue of Alessandro Manzoni erect and dominating in honor and prestige as a famous Italian writer of his day. The square is in front of the peaceful San Fedele Church built on tall columns of granite and in its hallow halls are contained artwork to be awed. This includes the Transfiguration by Lucio Fontana, A Madonna of the Snake by AmbrogioFigino, Pieta by Simone Peterzano, and St. Ignatius by Giovanni Battista Crespi. Visit the Via Cantu to see the places biggest standing tower the PortaVittoria. Check out the humbly beautiful San Abbondio. Reach the top of the Baradello Tower for the best sights of the entire lake you’ll get anywhere.

2. Go shoppingwhether you’re a fan of the charming boutiques or local shops or local handmade goods. The outdoor markets are buzzing and a delight selling everything from jewelry, to unique pastries, to cloths, to toys. There something from everyone around the world showcasing and up for grabs merchandise and delicacies from everyone including oriental souvenirs, or African wood carved furniture, or authentic Polish clothing, or Italian artistic works. You can also find some unique and delicious treats everywhere like the Belli which is one of the oldest and fanciest cake shops in the city. The best flea markets can be found in the Piazza Mercante and Piazza Cavour. So be on the alert for the perfect find and bring your walking shoes.

3. Tremezzo is the perfect lakeside town to spend a day in. The classic lakeside seafront is surrounded by awe-inspiring villas containing some of the biggest hotels built from the XVIII to the XIX century.The Lake Como luxury hotel GRAND HOTEL TREMEZZO is the best option to enjoy this area, a great place to stay for peace and relaxation. There is an area of Rogaro in Tremezzo where an ancient tower can be found remaining from old medieval times of fortresses to explore. Tremezzo is split in personality which many can enjoy for its interesting and variety of landscapes. One part coastal breeze and ease and the other mountainous terrain. Some of the most interesting places include the villa Carlotta. Other sites to look out for are the Villa La Quiete which is located in Bolivedro and was built by the Dukes of Carretto in XVIII. There is also the Villa La Carlia, a building build in the middle of 1700 designed by Antonio De Carli. For a more spiritual connection there is the lovely Church of St Maria known for its exquisite statue of Madonna Nera. This place is the perfect getaway for some delight and leisure.

4. Visit the mysterious and ethereal churches concealed in Como’s only island, IsolaComacina. The thick woods of this island that looks like a forest floating in the middle of a lake hides this treasure. There’s the option to take the ferry over to its natural beauty especially during holidays. During St. John’s Day they celebrate mass in time with the tradition in what remains of Saint Eufemia basilica. Following the ceremony is a custom parade and night long fireworks for a truly spiritual, romantic, and secluded event.

5. Fetch a ride on the ferrymaking stops in Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, and Cadenabbia. Sample the cultures and listen and absorb of the atmosphere and rhyme of all the towns. Shop their center and grab a small bite from each place. Practice your Italian and sample some homemade gelato, experience the heavy espresso, and maybe have a glass of prosecco. Be awed at each town’s architectural feats and fine dining. Whatever you decide to do the uniqueness of each place and the culture of the city is sure to leave you looking around at the next interesting thing.

6. For the Dare Devils try taking ride in the cable car! Don’t miss this fun adventure, if you’re up for it that is. It leaves from Argegno and visitors can be treated to 200 to 850 meters above sea level for 5 minutes. The car connects the two villages of Argego and Pigra and has been reopened in 2011. The speed alone will energize you but the sights are to die for at this height both of the lake and the nearby Alpine foothills.

7. For the adventurer and nature lover take a hike on nearby Alps for the breathtaking experience. There are plenty of local guide available for those wanted a taste of real exploration and adventure in the Swiss Alps.

8. Take a dip in the Artificial Beach. Lido de Leno is the perfect place for some isolated elegant fun. The beach is an oasis and couldn’t be more chic for the modest price tag. The locals lounge around the lake side under gazebos all while have drinks and snacks served by waiters. A soothing place for visitors and family alike, the party begins after hours when the beach transforms into one of most exciting party scenes, making this one of the most popular real estate areas.

9. Runaway to the Villa Carlotta. It’s perched neatly on a charming hillside in the Upper Peter bay making an elegant sanctuary for anyone to indulge in. It’s full on all the comfort a fantasy that is considered by many to be rare beauty. Here works of floral arts and masterpieces in human intellect and creativity come together to create the Villa Carlotta. Full of exquisite gardens and museums it’s sure to bring the idealist in a person.

10.For the learner, try learning how to fly a seaplane. Taking a class or two at the Aero Club Como can get you the most spectacular view of the land. For the most exciting adventure and to harness your curiosity learn to take off for the most beautiful scenery to be seen. Learn to land a plane on water and maybe get your pilots license so you can explore

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