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Are you planning to shift to your new house but the whole load of work in front of you is giving you jitters? It’s time you found a moving company that can help you sail easily through the task and all you have to do is give instructions and some minor homework.

However, keeping in mind the scams that have come to light, this minor homework may be the difference in a happy and a nightmarish move. People have experienced situations when the moving company charged them much over and above the estimate provided. Often such companies refuse to unload the trailer standing at your destination till you pay up. Many customer awareness websites are there where people have recounted such incidents and which also provide the ways and means to avoid such situations. Considering this, finding a reliable and experienced mover becomes paramount.

If you need to transport your goods to another state, you need to find movers who are professionally qualified and licensed to handle the move as the requirements for local moves are different from an interstate move and rules and regulations governing them are different. You may obtain the booklet informing you about your rights and responsibilities from your moving company when making an interstate move. It will help you know what to expect from the moving company and what you are required to do. For an interstate moving company, a DOT number is issued and you can check the genuineness of the moving company by checking its license, name and DOT on a government website. Finding the best long distance movers may not be that easy and it is better that you fix appointments with a few companies and choose from among them depending on your priority. If you have a busy schedule, a fully managed move is the best option for you. Else you can also opt for you pack – we move services wherein you will have to do all the packing and furniture dismantling. Ask the company representatives to visit your home or office and get a written estimate. Remember, a company cannot charge more than 10 percent extra than what is stated in the written non binding estimate. Also, be wary of companies who ask for a large amount to be paid in advance. If you want quality services, choosing the cheapest company is not always a good idea. Do not be tempted by lucrative prices as you may become a victim of bait and switch when a company uses low price to bait the customers and then switches to a higher amount that has to be paid.

Professional movers will have their own trailers and trucks, good storage facility and will ensure safety of your goods by providing on-the-way assistance in case any issue arises. You can keep aside the things you want to carry with you personally, such as important documents, heirlooms, ornaments and electronics; and for everything else, you can rest assured that the things will reach the destination in a good condition.

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