Life in Bangkok

So we are off to our first day of class most of us have no frickin clue what class are going to because course registration hasn’t worked.

So far but uh you have a rough schedule of when classes start. And mine is that 9:00 a.m.

Today, I’m wearing not really the traditional our uniform is kind of like this a white t-shirt but I need to get black dress pants. And I think probably black shoes as well took us about 35 minutes to maybe drive.

I don’t know two kilometers the traffic is. So bad here but I think there was a couple car accidents that made it much worse than usual.

And we are now heading to our campus this is the business building totally different than anything, I’m used to, it’s like an outdoor complex. So I just finished up my first day of classes. And after that we had an orientation at the University.

So now to get home. I have to take the MRT which is essentially a subway. And from there.

I get off at one of the stations that’s nearby my residency but I actually have to take a motor cab. So basically you sit on the back of a motorcycle.

And you hope you arrive a lot first time experienced today. I was actually asked to all the way in Bangkok if, I’m dating a youtuber. So Abby keep it up you are now a worldwide celebrity with me which is about three dollars.

And 25 cents. And yeah meal down here is probably about two dollars my adoring fans hanging open the fan club. So this here is the garage.

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So, it’s literally a garage. And this is where everyone meets for food. And here’s my meal that.

I’ve already devoured a is moving day because. I might have bedbugs in here. So I have to move all my stuff to my new place right here moving just one room over.

And, it’s kind of nice now. I got a bigger closet. So you got a look at the bright side downside is that, I’m covered in bug bites.

I felt like. I was gonna die a couple times coming if this grocery store is literally like a small city, it’s the biggest grocery store. I’ve ever seen in North America everyone wants looked.

And here in Southeast Asia you actually want to get whiter. So they have UV whitening nothing hits a spot like a big sheet what did you bring for lunch. I brought a big sheet I’ll pass.

So, I’m trying to find bread here. And I asked a couple of the employees for help. And none of them knew what.

I was talking about. And then they called over two other ladies. And they also didn’t know what bread was.

And then they start walking near the entire grocery store. And then. I use my phone.

And I actually just googled bread. And pointed to her. And that’s how.

I finally made it the language barrier is making this extremely difficult. I’ve been at the Tesco here for nowt in more than two hours. And I still haven’t found any cutlery in here is my fridge biers own views on beard looking good.

So tomorrow I’ll be setting off to Costa Mets we’ll be taking a train down. And then from there we’ll take a ferry across to the island and. So, I’m gonna try to get my blog up tonight because.

I won’t be by my computer for a couple days.

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