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The term eco-friendly is all the rage nowadays as people are getting more health conscious. Such products and services are a step towards living a more sustainable and ecological life. This lifestyle isn’t just beneficial for humans but every living being and planet Earth are included! Using greener products is a safe, non-toxic and less harsh way to clean your home.

Many people, especially children are sensitive and allergic to strong chemical fumes which mean you shouldn’t waste further time purchasing these goods. Fortunately, finding green cleaning services is easy as these are available at renowned departmental stores and dedicated shops across the city.

Determining the Budget
Budget is the most important factor to consider when hiring a cleaning service; whether it’s green or the usual. Find out how often cleaning is required, time it takes to complete the process and total expense incurred. Ask service provider how they would charge such as hourly or number of chores. Whatever the case, expense mustn’t exceed budget or else green would turn blue!

The Checklist
Next, create a list of things you’d like to clean! Will it be basic housecleaning or something more extensive such as cupboard interior, rugs and carpets, oven, microwave or any other stuff! You’ve a choice either to have everything cleaned in a single or multiple days a week depending on convenience. Tasks can be divided such as vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, do the dishes and more. Improvise the task list with time if need arise.

Browse Around
Though eco-friendly products are widely available, cleaning services weren’t that popular a year or two before. When planning a major home clean-up, browse the internet and look for dedicated companies providing ecological services or in your phonebook. Be subtle with word search as many different titles are associated like natural, earth friendly or green.

While searching online, a list will appear with a vast array of cleaning companies in Dubai so you’ll be lucky if living there. Though each may provide similar services, price and work perfection are two poles-apart factors. Select carefully to avoid inconvenience or else you’ll end up paying for nothing.

Marketing & Contact
Bulletin boards, store front display, promotional fliers, spas and health clubs are perfect marketing spots for environmental friendly products and services. Write down the contact details and get in touch via email, call or visit the office which is more preferable. Ensure they’re registered and ask if there’s any insurance. Talk to as many companies as possible, compare notes and cost before scheduling an appointment.

What if you’re not satisfied with their work? Will they charge complete fee or make refunds? Is it possible to cancel the contract in-between if services are not satisfactory or any other pessimistic factor? Determine all of these facts before finalizing the deal and go for it! Try contacting a company that’s nearest to your place or one with best services and less price.

The Green Rules
Home cleaning companies are found all over the world and the trend is spreading gradually. UAE is one region where you’ll find a lot of eco friendly products and services. While in Dubai, maids associated with a particular firm are professionally educated on how to utilize these goods for better living, so expect nothing but perfection.

Carefully understand the above information before opting for a specific cleaning service; whether green or customary!

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