Kuang Si Waterfall

The Bears are having a little play fight that’s. So funny they can stand on their hind legs. So well things keep getting rowdy or in the bear pen what.

I thought okay what do you think about my god he looks like Batman oh, it’s like whoa. And I’ll get off this is. So cool all right.

I came back to the waterfalls we ran out of time yesterday. So, we’re going to hike a bit further up. And see the big waterfall, I’m gonna conserve battery here because.

I’ve only got one bar left on the scope for us. So see you soon hands down the most beautiful place. I’ve ever been.

And ever will be like there’s butterflies flying everywhere the water is like a beautiful blue. So we are hiking up the waterfall. And this is what one of our friends told us to do said look for the do not pass sign.

And do pass flora. And I are officially on top of the massive waterfall or at least one part of it the waterfall just keeps going. And going, it’s massive.

So we have this like huge waterfall all to ourselves here it’s so cool. And down below is who knows they’re currently on top of the water.

And there goes the GIMP. And down the waterfall she goes the border with Thailand. And we’ll head back in the next couple days we are back for the fourth or fifth times same thing as usual, we’re getting banana mango shakes, we’re going to get some crepes.

Kuang Si Waterfall Photo Gallery

And, we’re getting some sandwiches wait once the Hat Tomica. So ice cream sandwiches for about 250 Canadian you’ve got an amazing baguettes sandwich. So we have about three now, we’ve only good but he’s about five hours until we start heading towards our bus Lauren.

I getting a nice coffee, we’re going to see editing. I want to hear highlights of Laos you first my highlight would be when we did the to date track. And zip line before she’s always hi my high is the food.

I love the food here. I love baguettes. I love a bit of the French food or the French influence they have all aboard the love mobile Abby.

And I are taking our first sleeper bus. So, we’re going back to ven TN about a nine hour bus ride. And, we’re driving through the night.

And to our surprise you don’t get your own bed you actually get to share with your neighbor which is fine if you know who you’re traveling with but if you don’t know you’re traveling with well you better hope that the person next to is not large or gross or weird or any of the above that unfortunately. I’ve got to deal with a couple of those things but at least. I know where, it’s like we literally just rented a bike to go see Buddha park, we’re running pretty tight.

So you got to go catch a night train anyways we had like an hour. And a half to go see it. And then maybe two minutes into taking a motorcycle oh look we got a freaking pop tire the second pop tire had this trip.

So we had to return it. And like basically lost our whole rental money. So we are just gonna hang out now.

And not see Buddha bark but bubble tea yeah. And we are now leaving Laos by train this train will get us to the border in Thailand. So we can get onto our sleeper train which arrived in Bangkok cab back to done see residents, it’s been an awesome trip, it’s been also a lot of traveling back.

So, I’m pretty tired but the sleeper train is by far the best way to travel around here.

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