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Going on holiday to Kuala Lumpur in Malesia can be a great choice, especially if you are going to stay at the 3 star Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. But, before you can book your bookings at this hotel, you need to know what the hotel is all about. This is one of the greatest 3 star hotels that you can go to for a great holiday. Here is some important information about this great 3 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur.


More about the 3 star hotel


If you are looking for a hotel that is situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, then you are going to stay at the right place. This hotel is in the middle of the city, where you can get to everything that will make your holiday a really great holiday.


The hotel itself is providing a great 3 stars accommodating with modern amnesties. You will be staying in a hotel that is just an hour away from the airport and is really accessible to all the nearest transport. The Light rail transit is really just a couple of minutes away from the hotel.


Facilities available at the hotel


There are more to the hotel than just some great rooms and modern amnesties. You are also going to have access to the Ibai Coffee House. This is an in-house coffee shop that everyone staying at the hotel can enjoy. This is a halal certified coffee house.


There are also a great ballroom and three banquet halls that can be used for functions or for business.  All these halls are modern and grand looking.


The rooms


If you want to go to a hotel that is affordable, but yet still having really great rooms, then you need to go see this 3 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. All the rooms in the hotel have well-furnished and modern furniture with really modern appliances.


There are five different room options for you like, Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Deluxe Triple and Family rooms. So, you will find a room that is perfect for you and your family.


It is really important to make sure that your holiday is really great. And, the one thing that you need to be aware of, is that the hotel that you are going to stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malesia is really a great place for you and your family. The 3 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur is the one hotel where you can find everything that you are looking for.

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