So, we’re going to go to get some lunch return the scooter which we rented. And what else begin there. I know actually, I’m starting a YouTube blog.

So, I’m going to work on a post today with Abby. And hopefully get all the filming done today oh my god Barrett well my arms look tan but they actually they’re pretty burnt. So just my back last night we rented a bike walk she was the same bike we had during the day we rented it again for the night.

So we could go. And head further south down the island. So we got back at like 2:00 last night could be spent later yeah we got back like 2:30 but we were hanging out with people who are from actually from the same suburb as s in Vancouver so.

I don’t know how that happens but that’s the second time now that. I’ve met people from White Rock area, it’s pretty crazy. And the other right they’re all out here for a wedding.

And Abby. And I are stopping for breakfast. And this is our view for the meal too bad food is probably about two.

And a half four dollars white girls this place is. So beautiful like Disney World for adults well yep there’s a lot of seating area Center. So this resort has a library.


And a private movie theater. And Abby. And I are getting a private showing of Pompeii private movie theater with this is so intense you just finished reading Pompeii smooth snacking again always in the snacks. I am to go explore the resort oval to a drop wait up wait up you big BOTS another day in the neighborhood. And the day spikes actually very hard to pedal turn off watch out for traffic oh dear, it’s rush hour, we’re biking you lose a lot of it look at this another private pool.

So the Sun just set here for us on day three in Milan thaw is it no it is day three yep, it’s been an absolutely amazing trip. So far like every single day just perfectly sunny clear skies. And you’ve been hanging out a lot of time at this amazing resort.

So you can’t complain too much now, we’re just gonna enjoy oh no. I dropped it now, we’re gonna enjoy this cigar. I got from Burma, it’s all natural actually, it’s a, it’s a tobacco leaf.

And inside of it they have brown sugar honey. And a few other fruits is actually an incredible taste. I don’t smoke it all of it.

I tried this with a buddy. And like it was just such a unique flavor that. I had to get a few go come out please don’t block my okay.

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