We are off to crabby one of the southern island areas, I’m feeling crappy good on. And one of the nice things about having a big backpack you can just carry it on.

So we don’t have to do any check-in. So we pretty much walking straight to security. And be on the plane in like.

I don’t know under half counter managed to bring – enough like my bad but she’s been here today. And she’s already eating at McDonald’s don’t like favorite intern an intern. And the GoPro intern.

So we are walking into our gate, I’m gonna steal your GoPro footage whether, it’s doing me close okay rocky welcome to Air Asia where you have no knee room but you have good company ASA okay all right well see on the other side me three no vacation for this gal today’s outfit of the day is elephant print. And sweater because when you’re flying a plane we have just reached the Amazon rainforest. So funny no not funny okay well, we’re still in Thailand but we are almost here there’s only an hour flight, I’m gonna guesstimate I’d say we got another ten minutes till we land buddy thanks man okay ten minutes he agrees give us an update smooth what’s the weather like sunny huh it is so hot touchdown. So the first bus filled up. And Abby.

And I got left behind but on the bright side we now have our own private ride Wow. And just met a man from contactus surrender yeah from PC all right night, we’re here we made it this is the island mate watch out for the Gators careful night watch your step careful skaters in there be vigilant now, we’re not here yet just just playing guys wanted to give the fans a bit of a thrill where actually. I just let’s get on to the ferry, it’s a two-hour ferry to get there started from Bangkok now we here started from Bangkok now, we’re going going deep into the belly to the belly of the ship.


I might want you hit. So this is code jum which is halfway to koh lanta. And those who are getting up to go to coach um they get on these little think they’re called tail boats.

So we don’t actually go stop the island but the little boats come to us we made it two hours later 500 pjl, it’s okay after you. And, we’re he’s the village guard dog I’ll name him Bruce Hey Bruce just to give you perspective this is my foot this is Tim look at the hammocks – that’s. So cool, it’s glass for the menu.

So this is the restaurant area hello could. I get a menu thought ourselves some fresh water nice. And cooled shoes oh my gosh look at this.

I would choose hot dogs is that a cheese hunter yeah. I thought you got a grilled cheese from somewhere yeah yeah you’re in Lyon this is amazing such a beautiful resort. And, it’s actually super cheap.

I think one night stay is like 20 dollars or something just unbelievable. And everything’s. So clean.

And we’ll cap. And just such a relaxed vibe here. So this is our other place that is right next to ours we just broke in.

And no one notices because we look like tourists not too bad give it catch. I don’t know my glasses. So we are gonna hang out here for the rest today we’ll get some drinks a bit later.

And then we’ll probably back here tomorrow this is what happened when Abby goes in the pool it overflows laura is hard at work here working on the perfect selfie try. And update the snap story good things been rough. So far.

So we will be back here tomorrow just left working can everything we were planning. And just come here. And hang out this is actually the most beautiful sunset.

I’ve seen in Thailand yeah Abby we should go to the pier that’s very princess seems going quick. So ugly. I’ve never.

I’ve never seen a sunsetting. So quick gun oh how fast is that big setting that is the end of the Sun for today let’s get our stuff for an end of the ocean. And look there you see the moon now this is literally paradise on solid ground.

So steady is our relationship that’s a solid ground oh. I mean the dock was a study as. I read.

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