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Renting a car means that you can travel the country, and even mainland Europe, without having to use your own car and without having to use public and other means of transport. You can turn the journey into a part of the holiday, by arranging a tour of hotels, campsites, or by stopping off to see tourist attractions while on the way. Hiring a car also means that you don’t have to cram into a smaller family car, that you can rent something that is more comfortable for long distance motorway journeys, and that you can hire something large enough for almost any number of passengers and all of their luggage.

There are some factors to consider when you do rent, but as long as you have a full licence, meet the age requirements that exist with most rental companies, and you know exactly when you will need to rent the car, you can ensure that the rental package meets your needs and that the car meets the needs of your family and your journey.

Even if you are planning a weekend away, car rental can make the journey and the trip more enjoyable. You will have greater freedom to get out and explore the local area. You will be able to get away from the hotel or site that you are staying. No matter how well equipped it is, getting out and seeing some of the local sites allows you to enjoy a broader range of activities and it means that you will be able to cater to the likes of the whole family.

You won’t have to ensure that you pack lightly, as you would if you were getting on public transport like trains or coaches, and you won’t have to worry about whether you will make connections. Public transport is inexpensive, but if you miss a connection then you may struggle to find the next one. Luggage space is also usually limited, and even if you want to risk taking multiple suitcases, it means that you have to carry or wheel them from one area to another.

Of course, not everybody owns a car. Many people that live in cities opt to use public transport on a daily basis because of the cost of keeping and running a car that they can rarely use in any case. Driving a car, and benefiting from the convenience will feel like a holiday in itself. You don’t have to rent a large vehicle; opt for the size that you are comfortable driving and that meets your driving needs.

Family holidays should be a time to unwind, relax, and de-stress. They offer a means to escape hectic daily lives, and they also offer a means to bring the family together for bonding and time together. By taking the stress out of the journey, you can ensure that the enjoyment and relaxation start as early in the trip as possible, without having to worry about public transport, missed flights, or other transportation problems.

Nationwide Hire UK has a selection of cars, as well as SUVs and even minibuses, all of which are available for competitively priced, short-term vehicle hire for your next family holiday.

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