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It’s easy to get lost in the snow under certain conditions, especially during a blizzard. Some snow-covered trails are very difficult to follow if there aren’t frequent markers on trees along the way. Never count on being able to retrace your ^route back to where you started, as tracks can be j completely obliterated at any time by wind or ‘fresh snow.

In spite of the added challenges of a winter trip, quite a few people find this to be their favorite season for camping in the wilderness. It’s often a time of extraordinary silence, broken only by the sound of the wind, a creaking tree, and an occasional bird. Winter snow has a beauty of its own, which becomes dazzling in bright sunshine. Since not many people camp out at this time of year, you can find plenty of solitude.

There are several books currently available on the subject of winter camping. Read one or more before planning a winter trip and preparing to go out overnight at this time of year.

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