Jersey New Jersey Travel Guide

If you are ready to take off on your bicycle and see your destinations from a whole new perspective, then you’ve found a whole new way to vacation. When you book a self-guided, bike and boat or guided tour with Hooked on Cycling, you, your friends and family are in for a whole new way to see and enjoy your surroundings.

Planned Tours for Every Level of Fitness and Interest

There are many different options to choose from when planning your trip. Just as there are many different types of cyclists, tours are designed to match your fitness level and interests. Whether you are expert riders looking to take on new challenges throughout beautiful terrain or a family looking for a beginner’s tour, there is something for everyone.

You’ll find a wide selection of countries to choose from when booking a tour. If you’ve always wanted to see Canada, Italy, Croatia or Spain, these are just a sampling of the breath-taking locations you’ll enjoy during your trip. All the details of the trip are chosen from carefully researched and planned routes that incorporate many locations of interest. In addition, the accommodations that are arranged are made with lodging owners who provide the best comfort and welcoming for their traveling guests.

Perhaps you would like to try out a fixed tour. With this unique choice, you can stay at one accommodation and spend the day taking your bike out to see the local sights while enjoying a resort at the same time. Other members of your party who aren’t cycling that day can enjoy the many amenities available while you continue with your tour of the area.

Step into a one of a kind excursion with a bike and boat vacation. Cycle during the day and spend your evenings relaxing on your floating hotel. You’ll be ready for the next day’s adventures with this unique way to see the country.

Services to Enhance your Experience

You won’t need to worry about missing out on having your luggage or even having a bicycle to use on your tour. With a fleet of high-quality bikes and included luggage transfers, you won’t miss out on anything. You will also be provided with comprehensive materials that will guide you every step of the way for a self-guided tour. On some tours, local pick up from the ferry, train station or the airport are possible.

If you are concerned about covering large distances, you might want to consider arranging to rent an e-bike. These cycles are equipped with electric assistance, allowing you to cover more terrain without overexerting yourself. You don’t have to use it when you don’t want to, giving you control over when you need the extra boost. They are an environmental friendly service available if that is something you would like to add to your trip.

Have you perused all of the available tours and you haven’t found one that exactly fits your needs? That is no problem when there are customized tours available. When enquiring about booking a tour, experienced personnel will take the time to make sure the details of your trip are custom-tailored to provide you with exactly the holiday you prefer.

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