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Let’s be honest. Traveling anywhere is going to cost money these days, right? In this entry, I want to discuss some of the prices I pay for things in Aria. As I’ve mentioned before, Hell is cheaper than Heaven in terms of living expenses. A note about Arian money:

Arian currency does not use cash or coins. You actually need plastic for everything!

The government is in complete control of money here, though. Housewives (or stay-at-home moms) get a bi-weekly allowance to spend as they please in their bank accounts. So they have to use it wisely. How much do the housewives get? Well, it depends on how much your significant other earns. I can say that the idea of minimum wage does not exist here. How much you earn depends on how many hours of work you put in. Everyone (including your boss and corporate leaders) gets paid the same amount. That amount increases or decreases on January 1st every 2 years. Everyone learns to adjust their budgets with this and there are mandatory classes that students take in their last two years of high school to enforce and prepare them for this change when they start work after graduation.

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Are there chances for salary increases and does the government give benefits? Yes and yes. Is this the money situation different in Hell than in Heaven? Unfortunately, there is a significant difference in payment between the two locales.

I’ll discuss some other important money aspects in Aria later. Here are some things I bought recently:

Two packs of 4 different colors of nail polish, two tubes of lipstick, and some concealer: Remember the whole bundling items together I mentioned earlier? When you buy items of a similar group such as Beauty and make up items, keep them together. All of this cost me $2.00. Tax is always included in everything you buy and the sales are everywhere if you know where to look and have decent Survival Arian under your belt.

Twenty four slices of Giant brand cinnamon-sugar bread cost me $1.50 in Arian dollars.

Toothbrush, cinnamon and mint toothpaste, dental floss, and a 29 oz. bottle of mouthwash cost me $3.00 (grouped together as oral hygiene)

New gold bracelet with matching charms, a plastic Gothic-style heart on a silver chain, and a pair of golden hoop earrings cost me $6.00

The first three volumes of Daylight Dreams: A poetry collection cost me $6.00 and it’s a brand new copy.

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