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While the number of people travelling abroad during the festive period may have taken a hit in the wake of the Great Recession, this popular pastime has since seen a significant renaissance among British citizens. An estimated 18 million journeys were made in the week before Christmas in 2015, for example, which represents a rise of approximately 17% from the previous year.

The number of trips to European destinations has also increased considerably in recent times, with cities such as Paris and Amsterdam seeing considerable spikes in their popularity. This should come as a surprise, as these destinations offer British citizens the ideal combination of adventure, accessibility and cost-effective travel.

Practical Considerations When Visiting Europe This Christmas
Of course, travelling abroad during the festive period represents a significant decision, both in terms of cost and spending time away from beloved family members. This means that there are always a number of practical considerations to keep in mind, including the following:

The Delivery of Gifts and Festive Messages
For those of you who intend to visit Europe for longer than a two-week period over Christmas, you will need to plan the delivery of your festive gifts and messages for loved ones. While you could leave your gifts for loved ones at home to share on your behalf, this requires a sense of forward planning that some of us simply do not possess!
Similarly, you may want to buy unique gifts while travelling across Europe, which means that you will need to deliver these items back home in an affordable and timely manner. Outlets such as TNT Direct can help with this challenge, as they enable you to secure fixed time and next day deliveries for competitive prices.
There has been a great deal of competition in this market in recent times, so consider leveraging this to ensure that you can ship gifts quickly, efficiently and for next to nothing.

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