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While on vacation in an unfamiliar city, you will likely want to find tickets to a popular event, or one which you just can’t attend at home. For example, New York City is host to hundreds of Broadway plays which can only be seen in their full grandeur in the Big Apple. Los Angeles too has theatre, and numerous national sports teams you may want to see, or watch play. Or maybe you’d just like to take in an exciting concert while on vacation.

In these cases it may seem a logical choice to look for deals on event tickets on websites like Craigslist, where others often sell their unwanted tickets at a discount. You get possibly great seats to that once-in-a-lifetime event, while helping someone else recoup what they paid for those tickets.

But beware these sites are often riddled with unscrupulous online ticket sellers who will just take your money, and provide you with fake tickets – even nothing at all. Even worse, meeting a complete stranger who ran an ad on a classifieds website could be outright dangerous!

However, there are also more reputable ticket vendor websites specialize solely in online ticket sales. With these types of websites you can usually order, and then receive your tickets completely through your smart phone! No need to spend your precious vacation time standing in line to buy tickets, just select your event and wait for your ticket to arrive.

Although a much more trustworthy source for buying tickets online than Craigslist, even these online ticket vendors should still be properly reviewed for their reliability. Some provide no guarantees; horrible support or hidden costs associated the tickets they sell. So while safer than buying tickets on an online classifieds website, you should still make sure you have thoroughly examined the reviews of any ticket sales website before purchasing.

This vetting can be easily be done by examining various online review websites which cover ticket agent reviews. One such site is Best Legit Reviews which offers convenient, online ratings, and reviews of the most well-known ticket vendor websites. At for example, you can find complete a review of one such popular ticket sales website – This webpage examines if TicketLiquidator is reliable, their guarantee, and whether there are any hidden fees. Lastly you can view ratings of TicketLiquidator along eight different metrics. Having this kind of dependable source to judge online ticket vendors can be invaluable to preserving your vacation experience.

In short – buying event tickets online can be a huge time-saver, which can be especially important when vacationing in another city. You can quickly find, purchase and often even receive your tickets all through your smartphone (thereby avoiding lengthy waits in a ticket line). But there are risks such as Craigslist ticket scams and unreliable ticket sales websitesso do your research first. Thoroughly vet any online ticket agent by checking the websites offering reviews in this area. Follow this one simple tip to keep your vacation both exciting, and safe.

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