How to Travel in Cambodia

Last Day in Cambodia

So this is like the main city square.

I assume. And that’s the grand palace of Cambodian but I just got cheese ice cream yeah we are like a big city center type park for everyone here in Phnom Penh which is the biggest city in Cambodia that’s the big palace.

And just over here is the river. So, we’re gonna head here everyone’s like selling balloons. And toys.

So, it’s obviously like a thing to do to bring your family here, I’m gonna attempt to cross you somewhere. I think this is our opening watch over your life. And your valuables, we’ve been warned in multiple times to watch out for valuables because people just snatched them here.

I guess spin on pin has lots of bag status, it’s kind of nice to actually have all the national flags all lined up here. And there’s my favorite one Oh Canada look at them all yeah three US Dollars we got three mini pizzas. And a beer.

And we get to play Jenga chess sure they have they have definitely have another key. So really slow start to the day here, it’s like 4 p.m. And, we’ve done essentially nothing. I’ve done a bit of editing.

I got a blog up edited a couple pictures but other than that not a whole lot sophistry my broken GoPro. So go broken basically send me a new one, we’re going to the market right now yeah. I don’t know what’s not the market or how long we’ll be there but I’ll check it out give her a good look last night we were at the bar.

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And I’ve never been, So terrified for my life like there was this guy wearing he was like this very pale white guy with black eyes.

I’ve never been. So scared in my life he literally had black eyes he had like a white turban he had a white robe. And like a black suspender like criss crossing on his jet he just literally looked like he was like coming straight from the desert in like a Muslim country but it wasn’t just that he was smoking a pipe like a weird traditional pipe from the bar on his own.

And like inhaling you’d stand up do like weird arm gestures. And then stare at me. And then sit down again.

And he kept doing it like ice. I kid you not. I never thought like more certainly that someone was out to kill me.

I thought he was gonna follow me home. And like murder everyone there see the scariest parts who was at the end when we actually finally finished eating. I literally just swallowed my meal so.

I could get out of there. I stood up to get out of there. And just like one last glance to see what he was doing.

And all of a sudden he extended standing. And he’s facing me. And staring me blank in the eyes.

I don’t know well for that guy was on he’s on some serious drugs but. I’ve never been. So scared.

And that’s how my date ended. I slept but hardly. I was like terrified going to sleep.

I kept thinking that guy was gonna break into my house we survived. And, we’re here another day in left Cambodia. So this is pnom pen, it’s definitely one of the dirtier cities.

I’ve been in Cambodia itself actually is probably the dirtiest country of in it, it’s definitely one of the more four places we visited. So, I’m sure that’s a lot of the reason behind that, it’s been nice. So far, we’ve seen a lot of cool things experienced a bit of a different kind of trip.

And met some cool people along the way which is been awesome tomorrow morning we actually head to Vietnam. So tonight around 6:30. I have to go pick up my visa.

And then early be about a seven-hour trip to get to Ho Chi Minh which is a big city in the south of Vietnam we try to get food again. And again we were given the foreigner menu they usually have prices listed off one is for the local. So they give them the real menu.

And then anyone who looks like they’re visiting Cambodia they’ll give them their own modified menu with prices that are sometimes for up to like ten times higher and. So when fried rice. And chicken is like for u.

S. dollars here you know something’s up because that’s definitely not the real price they just inflate it a lot, we’re not gonna give in to that, we’re gonna keep looking for someone that at least has some you know realistic inflation. I think you can count on paying a bit more on some stuff like food but.

I hate the feeling of just being ripped off it’s so chaotic there’s like vendors in the streets garbage carts just pushing everywhere like Vic traffic is at a standstill over there because bikes are using both left. And right lane and.

So, it’s a good possible to get her out Abby is looking for a new selfie stick as. I stepped on her last one.

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