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Airports are like mini cities ” they’re packed full of people, there are gift shops where you can buy anything, they have lounges and hotels, and there are restaurants where you can eat. All this commotion can make an airport hard to navigate. However, several apps are helping travelers save time and money at the airport. Take a look at these four apps you’ll want to have for your next airport adventure.

B4 You Board

Price: Free

OS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android

Flying is stressful because you have to navigate a busy airport, deal with airport security, and worry about luggage delays. However, with the B4You Board app, finding a place to eat at the airport is easy. You don’t have to wander through the terminals to see all of your options because the app tells you everything that is available. You can order your food through the app and then go pick it up. However, there’s also a fun feature that allows you to choose “gate delivery” at select restaurants, so you don’t have to leave your seat once you find your gate.

Currently, the B4 You Board app is only available for the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Chicago O’Hare, and Phoenix International airports. However, there are plans to add more locations. If the app proves successful, you might be able to have your food delivered to your gate at any airport someday. Of course you will need a mobile device with a reliable data plan.

Next Flight

Price: $2.99

OS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android

Next Flight is a useful app that lets you look up your flight departure and arrival time to help you plan the rest of your travels. You can also look up other flight times if you miss your flight and need a new one, or you want to see if you can catch an earlier flight to get back home faster. It is the go-to app for finding quick flight information.

All airline carrier information is included on the Next Flight app for flights between 4,200+ airports around the globe. And, you can search up to two days in advance of when you want to travel. In addition to departure and arrival times, you can look up terminal and gate information, so you don’t have to rely on the monitors in the airport. There are also filters for non-stop flights, intuitive maps, and hotel and rental car information.


Price: Free

OS: iPhone, iPad, and Android

If you’re looking for a cheap flight, the SkyScanner app lets you quickly compare flight prices and times to get the best travel deals. It’s also a great app for booking last-minute flights. If you want to have an adventure but don’t know where to fly, there is an inspiration feature on the SkyScanner app that lets you see the cheapest flights to help guide your decision. You can also search for flights based on a specific date or a range.

Priority Pass

Price: Free

OS: Android, iPod, iPad, and BlackBerry

Priority Pass is an airline lounge program for travelers to relax while waiting for their flight. There are over 700 lounges in airports around the world. The Priority Pass mobile app is a GPS tool to help you find these lounges based on your current location. The app also has other interactive features, such as readable directions to the lounges, pictures of what to expect once you get inside, and VIP lounge information.

If you want to avoid roaming and WiFi charges while you’re traveling, you can download the information for the airports you’ll be visiting and then use the app offline when you arrive at your destination. The app is updated constantly with new and relevant information about each airport lounge.

These are just a few of the most popular travel apps that will help save you time and money when flying. There are dozens of others that can come in handy. What is your favorite airport app? Leave a comment.

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