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Addiction is a complicated disease. Addiction treatment for everyone is different. Most of the time it depends on what type of substance you are using, how often, and other dynamics of your addiction. Luckily, Florida drug rehab centers can help provide effective treatment. When an individual is provided with defective treatment for this disease and when their individual needs are being met, they can ensure that they are fighting the correct battle to reach sobriety.

The symptoms of the disease and the ways in which it is treated from one individual to the next is not the same among all individuals. In fact, it should be different for each one. However, there are some signs that you may notice from your loved ones that could indicate they are struggling with addiction. Not all the signs of drug addiction always show, but if your loved one is exhibited several of them together, they may be struggling with addiction.

First, consider whether your loved one has been secretive more so than usual lately. Are they being more evasive? The first thing that a person must do when trying to become sober is to admit that there is an issue. Until an addict is ready to admit to themselves that there is an issue, they will do just about anything to hide their addiction from others. This means that they may be keeping more secrets, behaving in an odd way, or avoiding answering questions that you may be asking.

Another sign is lying all the time. This and the sign sort of go hand in hand. When an individual is struggling with an addiction, they may flat out tell you a lie when you ask them a question so that they can continue to hide the issue. Mood swings are also common sign that your loved one may be struggling with drugs. This is because drugs and alcohol are known to trigger several different emotions. Combined with how often you use drugs, this can be a major trigger of various mood swings.

If you notice that your loved one is suddenly not sleeping as much or that they suddenly have rapid drops in energy, this can be a sign that they are using drugs. This is because addiction can have a huge impact on the amount of energy that an individual has. Substance abuse affects whether an individual has sudden bouts of excessive energy or whether they go into an almost depressive-type no energy level phase. This is mostly based on the type of drug that is being used and how it affects the chemicals in the brain.

Another sign that your loved one is using drugs is if their weight suddenly changes. If they gain a lot of weight in a week, they could be using. On the other hand, if the drop a whole bunch of weight in a very short amount of time, that could be a sign that they are using.

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