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Us Brits are keen travellers, although our appetite to explore the rest of the world has diminished in line with wider, economic circumstances. Firstly, the great recession forced many to shelve their goals of travelling overseas, as they instead looked to create memorable travel experiences at home.

While international travel has become increasingly popular as the global economy has improved, remaining financial concerns, geopolitical volatility and the recent Brexit vote to undermine growth in the travel sector. In this respect, the popularity of domestic travel remains stronger than ever in the modern age.

3 Domestic Travel Experiences that can replicate Overseas Adventures

As a keen frequenter of destinations across the UK, I have visited a number of places that have enabled me to recreate a number of quintessentially overseas travelling experiences. Here are some of the best examples: –

Traversing the Canals of Birmingham is a Glimpse into Venice

While Birmingham is often referred to as the second city in the UK, its industrial heartland has hindered its progress as a popular travel destination. Despite this, Birmingham is home to a number of fascinating travel secrets, making it well worth a visit for any international visitors.

The city has many similarities to the Italian destination of Venice, which connects a series of small islands within the Venetian Lagoon. Having visited Venice during my recent tour of Italy, I was struck by the visual symmetry that exists between the region and Birmingham.

Birmingham actually has more canals than Venice, for example, hosting 35 stunning miles of waterway and an estimated nine more than its Italian counterpart. These canals are not only historically relevant and picturesque in the extreme, but they also provide a tremendous method of travelling and seeing the city.

Visit the coasts of Devon and enjoy a Quintessential Beach Holiday

Obviously, the climate in the UK is not as consistent or reliable as that in the Mediterranean. This means that while hot weather and uninterrupted sunshine are sometimes hard to find, their sporadic presence does illuminate numerous coastal location in Britain.

This is particularly true in the south, where the sun-kissed coastline of Devon attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors on an annual basis. The key to recreating an overseas trip or Mediterranean beach holiday is timing, with periods in late July and August likely to deliver the most striking summer conditions.

Become a Tourist in your own land

I had an American friend once who came to England and spent six months on our shores. He invested much of that time visiting sights and historical points of interest across the UK, and I began to realise how much of my own homeland I had failed to uncover during my time as a resident.

In this respect, it is relatively easy to replicate a tourist experience by exploring the country in which your born. Seek out the museum and landmarks of the capital, for example, while discovering the industrial heritage and culture in the north.

When you do, you will realise that domestic travel can also be home to some truly stunning tourism experiences.

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