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Exploring the world gives children a picture of life in different cultures and it also encourages a close relationship in your own family.

We went for a three-week trip around Europe. The first week we lived with a German family. I think the kids loved living with that German family and being a part of their life. The kids were really sweet and the food they ate was unique. My children were about seven and nine and they went to school in Germany for a day or two to get an idea. We spent time learning about the culture and people and sightseeing. We saw the incredible Swiss mountains.

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In one of the most amazing and horrifying life changing experiences, we went to Dachau concentration camp. They have a museum- it was absolutely horrific. Showing the children was not a cheerful thing to do but very life impacting.

Also, we stayed in a castle and the kids got to wear a suit of armor. We just did a bunch of very unique things. We went to the place nearby where Hitler had lived and stayed in a B&B. In Italy, we went to an outdoor flea market- it was fascinating. We went to the Olympic headquarters in Austria and the kids got to see Winter Olympic things like ski jump- so steep and tall. We lived with this lady who barely spoke English. She was so kind and helped us do our laundry.

Throughout these travels, we had them keep a journal. They kept up with the cost of fuel and Bed & Breakfast expenses, so they could relate math to life. That was a very incredible trip. I love travel and exposing kids to life.

Several years later, we went to the Holocaust museum in Washington DC, reinforcing one of the things i would teach them- the importance of caring about others equal rights. If God tells you to go this way but everybody else is going that way, you need to have the strength to do what’s right. You can’t believe everything you read or hear.

Ah, the family vacation- that time of rest and rejuvenation. What’s that you say? Come again? Oh, I understand- your vacations resemble mine. You return home more exhausted than you left, with cranky children and a pile of laundry to boot.

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