What do we have here fried eggs scrambled eggs yogurt mixed fruit some sort of a scones.

And different little baked goods. And coffee. And toast is on its way it is all done hours.

And hours of worth of work. And, I’m really happy with how it turned out. And it should be up it’ll be up in the next probably half an hour the internet speeds really fast here so.

I can get about 3 gigabytes up in like less than an hour. And yeah we are getting ready to head out our checkout time is in 20 minutes which breaks my heart but, it’s been good sand out you’ve been a real slice enough yeah we actually want to come back to Bali one day. And you know somewhere like this is perfect, it’s like the nicest way to get away yeah, we’re going to the Four Seasons today as well how, we’ve been able to arrange for concierge to show us the pool.

And basically we’ll hang out there for about. I don’t know. I don’t couple hours probably just take a look at one of the nicest actually, it’s technically the nicest hotel in Bali, it’s the most expensive, we’ve fully checked out of kakak our long bond which is just right there.


And, I’m just going to make sure this post uploads me too then then from there, we’re going to check out. And head into Abood central every single white girls dream ever right here cushion she’s upset but she’s in heaven go away okay our checkout time has come, it’s been. So so good to be here huge thank you to stand at glamping tents if you guys are ever coming to Bali or ubud to be specific definitely check this place out it is unbelievably unbelievably beautiful you get the feeling of you know being in the middle of the Balinese forest while experiencing some serious luxury.

So, it’s extremely wonderful to have been here. And I’ll definitely be telling my friends about this we definitely plan to come back someday when beautiful. So our complimentary shuttle service back into town is awaiting us.

And, we’re going back to the food. So, we’ve just been dropped off by the shuttle service. And, we’re back in the real world into our, we’ve checked into our new room, it’s basic at best, it’s kind of like a classical bali style but.

I don’t know luxury at all but, we’re not gonna spend any time in the room we just rented a bike for $4 American. And, we’re going to go to the Four Seasons.

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