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When you are visiting Croatia on a vacation or a business trip you should forget the hassle of getting to your destination and let the professionals take care of it. By booking split airport shuttle transfer in advance you can start your trip hassle-free with the convenient and customized transfers.

The rates are customized, affordable and pre-arranged. Adjustments are made to suit your accommodation and transfer needs. Moreover, knowledgeable and friendly chauffeurs are there to help you at every step. If your flight gets delayed they’ll still wait for you free of charge for additional 60 minutes. You can reach your desired location on time at any city, town, resort, marina, bus/ferry terminal etc. in Croatia.

SPLIT AIRPORT Transfer Options:

Split Airport Bus

If you are looking for a cheap option bus is the choice for you. If you are staying at a place that’s close to the bus station then there is split airport shuttle transfer service is available and direct Split Airport Buses are present that will take you in 30-40 minutes and it costs about 4 Euros.  But if you have short time, don’t rely on the bus system in order to get to the airport. For this case you can take a private transfer, minivan, cab or a minibus.

Airport Buses leave the split airport shortly after arrival of the airplanes on the time of Croatia Airlines scheduled flights. This Airport Bus will go directly to Split (Harbor Office Terminal) and will take about 30 to 40 minutes. If you are boarding a Bus from Split it will reach the Split Airport 90 minutes before the departure of aircraft on scheduled Croatia Airlines flights.

Split Airport Private Transfers

But if you arrange for a private driver you can get one for the same price as a taxi. The driver will meet you in the hall and so you are stress free and he will take you to the destination you want to go to.

Airport transfer:

Now if you want to go to another airport then here are a few which are in Croatia:






Bus terminals and ferry ports

The ferry port and bus terminal are located in the same location in Split, which is very convenient i.e. in the very center of the city.  The bus terminal connects to international and domestic cities, whereas, Split’s ferry port provides main connection to Croatia’s popular and biggest islands and Italy.

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