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One of the central trade streets of Frankfurt is so-called golden mile – Zeil. This is a green walking zone – the center of successful trade, where you can find a wide range of goods and services. Zeil is the whole spreader of boutiques and specialized shops. In one word, Zeil is a place where you can find clothes, shoes, interior items, cosmetics of world-famous brands.

The huge trade center – MyZeil is situated just at that main shopping street of Frankfurt – Zeil. You can go shopping there or have a break in one of the numerous little cafes, take exercises, or just admire the shop windows. Actually, the building design is more than original: a big glassy construction in the center, reminding the shell whole, going up to the sky. There are many escalators in the shop center – try to be attentive for not to miss the necessary escalator. It is better to use lifts.
As a general rule, the shops start working from 10 a.m. till 8-9 p.m. The center welcomes you to buy clothes and shoes ware for kids and adults, toys, accessories, technic and others. The lowest floor offers to visit the best super market REWE with the wide choice of food for an adequate price. You can pay cash or credit card here.

Prices: above the average

Expo Zeil
The trade complex Expo Zeil attracts you with its prices: the prices that you can see on the goods labels are considered to be unreal! As the result of this, you can buy a shirt or pajama for 5EUR. The choice of cotton goods is wide. Pay attention to T-shirts section – the assortment includes not only original prints of rock thematic, but different countries and cities. It looks really interesting.yuiok
Purchases: men and women clothes
Prices: low
HDS Retail Deutschland
It is hard to say, why the prices here are so low! The shop is comfortably situated not far from the city railway station – underground. The fact is fact: the package of juice costs just 99 euro cents! Actually, it is have sense to buy food for your trip just in this underground shop.
Purchases: food and drinks

Prices: lower than ever

The famous perfumery shop Chanel offers to buy the luxury odors to its clients. This is not the end. You have a chance to buy expensive dress, and exclusive accessories here. Just keep pace with your money.
Purchases: perfumery

Prices: above the average

This is a huge trade complex of DM factory. It is devoted to cosmetics. You can find a lot of special collections for all ages: young and adults, gentlemen and ladies, kids and seniors. There is also a kids section: textilе, toys, and clothes. The shop working hours are every day from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.
Purchases: cosmetics, perfumery
Prices: lower than average
City shop
Take your last chance to buy something useful for your trip, or comfortable leisure. The prices are not high. The assortment of City goods is standard for roadside shop: juice, water, beer, magazines, newspapers, postcards, souvenirs and other useful little things.
Purchases: drinks, sandwiches
Prices: low
August Pfuller
The huge trade complex is called Pfuller. It offers to buy clothes for kids and women. Pay attention to Ugo Zaldi and Chloe models – it makes you dizzy.
Purchases: clothes

Prices: above the average

Have you ever heard about Burberry trade mark? Of course, you have heard about it a lot! Generally, the shop of this popular brand is situated on one of the main trade streets in the very center of Frankfurt. It is not difficult to find it! The shops doors are always opened every working day from 10 a. m. till 7 p.m.
Purchases: clothes, accessories

Prices: above average

The popular cult of teddy-bears takes an important place in lives of all Europeans and Americans. The owner of this original shop also likes teddies: the shop building is full of teddies from top to bottom. Look: there are many bears of plush, clay, plastic, soft, hard, painted, differentIt is really difficult to come to this shop with kids – you have to buy something!
Purchases: teddy-bears

Prices: not high

If you think that second-hand is the right place to find something special and cheap – welcome to Panteha! The jeans cost about 2EUR, jacket – 3EUR.
Purchases: clothes, accessories

Prices: low

This is a big shoe shop: you should come here to buy shoes of all sizes and models. It is comfortably situated on one of the central trade streets of Frankfurt. Come here with your family: the shoes are different by color, size, models and prices. If you are lucky, you can catch sales here: 399EUR are lowered to 299EUR, 189EUR are lowered to 139.
Purchases: shoe ware

Prices: not high

The huge choice of different beer mugs is waiting for you in Dippermarkt. This original souvenir is considered to be the traditional present from Frankfurt. They are different: glassy and painted with the Bavarian landscapes. Which of them do you prefer?
Purchases: souvenirs

Prices: not high

The name of this shop does not need advertising. Vertu is a shop of expensive and luxury telephones. Their price counts of hundreds and hundreds of euros. Having a cool telephone is important for locals. Be sure, there is no place for simulations here.
Purchases: mobile phones

Prices: high

It seems to be that this shop offers to buy all popular shoe brands. The trade center Gortz, which is situated in the very center of Frankfurt shopping, offers to buy Lacoste, Tom Heiliger and others. It is always crowded here! The prices start from 39.95 till the infinity point. Do you want to buy this pair of slippers for 129.95EUR?
Purchases: shoes

Prices: not high

As you can see, Frankfurt shopping cannot be boring! Trade streets, trade houses, shopping centers, malls, little shops – the variety of impressions is waiting for you. Of course, it is difficult to have a good shopping by foot. It is better to hire a car
, providing a fast-travel support. It is not comfortable to crowd in a city bus with shopping packages, stuffed to the gills.

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