Eating Well For Your Gut, Walking For Health And Yoga Retreats


‘The Healthy-Gut Diet’ (March issue) was a great read. I’ve had my share of winter colds and bugs and thought my diet wasn’t helping so I was pleased to discover thatif I eat more gut-friendly foods it willnot only help boost my well-being and stave off winter ailments, it canhelp me lose weight too. Brilliant!The problem is that modern cuisine, and even some medicines such as antibiotics, can have a harmful effect on the digestive tract and eating too much sugar and processed foods doesn’t help either. Now I realise how important it is to bring balance back to my gutfor optimal health. Natural yoghurt, garlic, asparagus, nuts, seeds and fermented veg will help me glow onthe outside, too.Suzanne Roswell, Norfolk


Your ‘Stride in Style’ (March issue) feature was inspirational. I’m not a fan of the gym, however I need to shed those festive pounds, but was put off by the thought that walking was strictly for older ramblers.Now I realise that it’s bang on trend and the walk-fit plan fits in with my working life. I can easily do the weekday walks during my lunch hour, then go out into the countryside at the weekend. And I love the idea of three rest days! I can’t wait to get started and join a walking group.Rosie Mackenzie, Glasgow


I like taking summer holidays with a difference so I was interested to read ‘Healing Holiday’ (March issue) about a yoga retreat in Ibiza. Who would havethought that the party island is also hometo a peaceful oasis where yoga sessionsmeditation, relaxation, massage and walksare on offer.I also like the idea that the yoga is therapeutic and fact that the healthy mealsare lavish – no surviving on a lettuce leafhere. There’s also time for sunbathing andswimming and general summer holidayrelaxing. Sounds a perfect combo!Pam Atkinson, Middlesex


This month, Suzanne wins four pairs of Gola Active’s new trainers – to share as she wishes among her friends and family! The new unisex Arrakis (£38) provides lightweight and strategic support during your training, plus great shock absorption, thanks to its high-density, open-cell inner. The stretch woven upper makes these really comfortable too. Kids can enjoy wearing the Santo Toggles (£22) without worrying about doing up laces, thanks to the easy-fastening elastic lacing system. The breathable, stretch-woven upper gives a super-comfy, sock-like fit, and the outsole flexes in line with natural foot movement. For more information, visit

What’s your pet hate at the gym?

‘Queuing for equipment. After a hard day at work, I want to workout without having to wait!’ Sue Thomas

‘Sweaty seats and hand grips. It’s so easy to carry a towel with you and wipe up after using a machine.’ Alison Jones

‘People blabbing on their mobiles for ages. You’re here to use the gym not exercise your tongue!’Andrea Harringto

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