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Children’s Museum and Molly Brown House Museum in Denver

There are plenty of things to do in Denver but you will need to pay special attention to your itinerary when you travel with children. Denver does offer plenty of opportunities such as:
Theme parks.
The Denver Zoo.
Adventure sports of different kinds and


One look at places such as the Molly Brown House Museum and the Children’s Museum of Denver and you will know that museums can be fascinating to the young mind and heart. It is pretty easy to plan a trip to both these places thanks to the advantage of dia airport parking which puts you in close proximity to the Denver International Airport. Traveling with a child or two is a breeze thanks to such convenience. Once you are in Denver, you can head to the museums and enjoy them as much as your children will.

Children’s Museum of Denver
Founded in 1973, this museum is all about:
A mix of permanent and temporary exhibits.
Educational activities.

Various programs aimed at science learning and so on.

The Molly Brown House Museum
The museum is established in the house of Margaret Tobin Brown who survived the Titanic disaster. Her house was built in the 1880s and today is known for a wonderful museum that showcases:
Theater programs for literature.
On-site and off-site educational programs.
Artifacts and

Collections mostly from the personal life of Molly Brown.


There is plenty to do at the Children’s Museum of Denver and depending on the time of your visit, you can get your kids to participate in activities such as building a car on an assembly line or having fun in a toy-filled space.

In the Molly Brown House Museum you can walk around and get a sense of the life that this amazing woman lived. She was known to have assisted in saving many lives during the Titanic disaster and her home and life reflect her grit and never say die spirit in so many different ways.


You may need easily more than 2 hours for the Children’s Museum. Perhaps more if you decide to spend time in specific activities! For the Molly Brown Museum, budget an hour or so. There is a lot of reading and imbibing to be done at both places so you should try and give it unhurried’ time.

Educational experience

In their own unique ways, both the museums are educational and can help kids learn different things. For instance, at the Molly Brown House, the kids learn a lot of about the costumes, social customs and even the life of Molly Brown herself dating back to a while ago! Molly Brown was known for her progressive politics and this will appeal to an older child as a learning experience for sure.

At the Children’s Museum kids get to interact with many different things. For instance, there is a child-sized grocery store where kids get to go shopping. Now that is a valuable way to teach them all about healthy shopping and budget control as well!

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