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Hunting Season Safety

Be aware of the dates of hunting seasons, which vary from one part of the country to another. The rifle season for deer and other big game is most often in late fall, and this is the one to pay closest attention to. The dangers may not be as great as many imagine, but given the large number of hunters (including quite a few who are inexperienced and/or careless), accidents do occur.

In some large and remote wilderness areas you may encounter very few hunters during the designated season, whereas in other locations you’ll see lots of them. Assuming you’re not a hunter but want to camp out during the season, when the option is available you’ll most likely be happier and safer visiting a park or other area where hunting isn’t allowed.

Hunting is prohibited in almost all National Parks, and in a certain number of state and local parks. It’s generally permitted in National and state forests, many larger state parks, and on other public lands. If you choose to visit an area where hunting is taking place, be sure to wear bright clothing, preferably including a Day-Glo orange vest. It’s probably safest to stick to well-traveled trails and forgo bushwhacking during hunting season.

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