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Traveling is what many people always enjoy doing. Besides packing your things and buying plane tickets, you also need to think what you will do when you get to the place. Here are some helpful tips for inexperienced travelers.

1. Don’t make too many plans. Leave yourself some time to enjoy the atmosphere of every place you visit. Have an opportunity for unexpected adventures and if some of your plans cannot come true, don’t make a big deal out of it and don’t spend too much time trying to make them happen.

2. Come to the airport earlier than you need. Let yourself have a couple of spare hours. Don’t start your travel with fuss and hurry; better spend this time drinking coffee in an airport restaurant.

3. Make sure you are dressed right for the airport checks. Wear boots that can be taken off easily, don’t wear a belt with metal elements, take your jacket off beforehand and pack all the electronic devices in one hand baggage.

4. When you travel, don’t forget to leave enough time for sleeping.

5. Smile more and communicate with local people.

6. Eat the local food! And enjoy the taste; maybe it is the last time you are trying this.

7. Don’t try to visit all the attractions. Choose a couple of them that you like to see the most and then decide about the rest.

8. Take walks in the evening and observe the local culture.

9. Visit a massage or spa session.

10. Don’t keep your money in one place. Keep a part of it in your pocket, put some in your bag (also in different pockets), and some of it can go to your shoe for emergencies. Hotels usually have safes. Put the most of your money there when you go for a walk.

11. Wake up earlier, especially if you travel to hot countries. Besides escaping from hot weather, you also benefit from visiting the attractions before numerous tourists get there. Always start the day with visiting some place that you’ve wanted to visit the most.

12. Always look for accommodation in advance. Now everything can be easily searched and booked online. Even if you want to live in a separate apartment on your vacation, it is also easily arranged online.

13. If you have a choice, choose to spend time with local people and visit authentic places instead of visiting museums.

14. Avoid the places with the excessive number of tourist unless you really want to visit them. You can feel the spirit and the atmosphere of the city wandering around more quiet and unknown places and eat food that local people like. It is great if you have friends who live in this city and who can show you many interesting places and tell you about the local customs.

15. Don’t take too many things with you. Make sure you take passport, deodorant, two pairs of shorts and two T-shorts (if you are going to warm places), 2 pairs of underwear, a swimsuit, one book, a camera and a charger. The rest of the things you can get almost anywhere.

16. Don’t take too many devices with you. Have a camera and a smartphone. Or only a smartphone is fine if it has a nice camera. Leave all the laptops and tablets at home; have a rest from all that.

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