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Some of us are sun, sea, sand and sangria worshippers when it comes to the annual summer holiday. Others like nothing more than getting back to nature on a campsite in the middle of a forest or perched high on a mountain top.

For those who like to enjoy the outdoor adventure type holiday, the unpredictable UK weather always plays a part. There’s no place like home when it’s sunny, but if it’s raining, it can depress even the hardiest of happy camper.

But if the staycation’ floats your boat more than a beach holiday, there is one way to enjoy the great outdoors which doesn’t mean sacrificing your warm and dry bed.

Hire a campervan!

By hiring a campervan, not only are you safe from worrying about missing tent pegs and shared toilets, you can also enjoy the luxury of staying dry and sleeping in warm surroundings, whilst everyone else gets to grips with a soggy sleeping bag.

You can still enjoy being at the centre of campsite life, but surrounded by a few extra luxuries than the family pitched up next door.

If you were to hire one of the state of the art VW California vans they come with a whole range of optional extras including a solar shower, which would be perfect if you’ve spent the day hiking in the rain.

Nobody is a fan of a soggy, burnt (or undercooked!) sausage from the BBQ, but with a campervan on site you can take 10 minutes to rustle up something healthy and nutritious on the hob inside the camper. You can eat it in the warmth too with a pop up dining table. Not only that, with a kettle in the van you can have your much needed coffee and tea without having to light a fire in order to heat your water.

Getting dressed is also far easier in a van where there is enough room to stand up, especially if you need to get out of wet clothes and into something which has been tucked away inside and not in a soggy tent!

Campervan pitches aren’t that much more expensive than tent pitches, so for the sake of a few extra pounds you can enjoy your holiday without having to worry about the UK weather doing its best to ruin everyone’s fun.

VW Camper Hire is a Suffolk based company hiring out state of the art VW California campervans. For more information about their vans and packages visit VW CAMPER

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