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Climate and Season

A wide range of climates is to be found throughout this country, and weather sometimes varies dramatically from one season or time of year to another. You’ll want to consider these matters in planning a trip, and deciding where to go and when.

It’s obvious that less in the way of protective clothing is needed when camping out in the summer, or whenever it’s warm or hot. Always bring some extra layers, though, in case the weather is cooler than expected”especially if you’ll be at higher elevations, or in an area where conditions are unpredictable.

When going out in the winter or anytime it’s cold, a great deal more clothing must of course be worn to be comfortable. Most but not all campers usually attempt to avoid extremes of both cold and heat, conditions which naturally make special demands.

If you want to avoid seasonal extremes, when camping during the summer it makes sense to head for higher elevations and/or the northern regions of the country, and in the winter to travel to southern areas and/or remain at the lowest elevations.

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