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We’ve all heard that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. But it appears that Mickey and company may have some competition (friendly competition, of course) coming from South America. According to a recent poll from WIN/Gallup International Association, Colombia is the happiest nation in the world, as 87% of Colombians polled described themselves as happy. Obviously, a trip to Disneyland can be enticing as well, but here are five reasons to get off your butt and make Colombia your next vacation destination.

The Beaches

Everyone wants to go on vacation somewhere that has great beaches and supporters of the Colombian diaspora like Kaleil Isaza Tuzman will tell you that their country’s beaches certainly fits the bill. And they know what they’re talking about: Colombia has nearly 2,000 miles of coastline, half of which borders the Caribbean Sea, while the other half is along the Pacific Ocean. No matter what kind of beach you’re looking for, Colombia has something you’ll like. The beaches on the Caribbean Sea are filled with beautiful resorts, while Colombia’s beaches on the Pacific Ocean side of the country are great for surfing. Colombia is also home to pristine beaches that are surrounded by warm waters on one side and tropical rainforests on the other, creating an amazing landscape that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Food

No one’s traveling thousands of miles to go on vacation if they’re not going to eat well, and in Colombia that won’t be a problem. The cuisine is unique in different parts of the country, so if you travel throughout Colombia, you’ll always have a new regional delicacy to try. Colombia is also home to dozens of tropical fruits that taste far better and fresher than anything you’ll find back home. There are also a countless number of unique breads, soups, and meat dishes that can’t be imitated outside the country. Of course, for those with a sweet tooth, Colombia has plenty of tasty and unique dessert options to enjoy during your stay.

Chiribiquete National Park

This park is one of the best-kept secrets in all of Latin America. Chiribiquete occupies nearly 5,000 square miles of some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. In terms of gorgeous landscapes, this park has it all; there are mountains, rainforests, rivers, savannas, vertical granitic domes, and breathtaking waterfalls. The park is far from any major city and largely unexplored, making it one of the most pristine and beautiful locations on the planet.

The Coffee

Obviously, no one is likely to go all the way to Colombia just for a cup of coffee, but once you get there and drink some, you won’t be disappointed. Colombia’s location in the world and climate make it perfect for growing coffee beans. Just like people visit Napa Valley for the wine, coffee tourism is huge in Colombia. You can visit a genuine Colombian coffee plantation, take a tour, learn how coffee beans are produced, see first-hand the life of a coffee farmer, and, of course, do some taste testing. If you’re a coffee lover, visiting a Colombian coffee farm will be akin to heaven.

The People

Remember when we said that Colombians were the happiest people in the world? Well, find out first-hand why that’s the case. Colombians are kind, hospitable, and despite their homeland gaining a reputation in the past for being a dangerous place, most Colombian people welcome tourists with open arms. The people of Colombia are friendly and will do their best to make you feel comfortable during your visit. They will dance with you, drink with you, and treat you like a long-lost family member.

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