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It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

Ernest Hemingway

To make this journey remarkable, one needs to decide how they should travel that will make it worth remembering. So, while choosing the method of traveling, many factors will influence your decision. And the more you ask your friends about the method you should opt for, the more different opinion you will get. This will only make you more confused.

While deciding the way you should travel, think about the destination accessibility first. The cost, security, and other benefits will come next. If you are going alone, then you have all the liberty on earth to enjoy your trip just the way you wish. If you are planning for your honeymoon, then obviously you would like to spend quality time with your spouse in utterly blissful and luxurious way. If it is a family trip, then you need to take care of the needs and comfort of all your family members. Travel itself is an enriching experience, regardless of its medium. And when you add an amazing experience on the journey, it becomes a priceless memory.

Difference between Flying and Cruising

While thinking about traveling by cruise, you need to give a serious thought on the advantages and disadvantages of both the media.


The first advantage is always the luxury. If you want to spend the time relaxing, enjoying the company of your loved ones while lying in the warm sun, you have two options. Book a ticket, go to the airport, and wait in the line for eternity. Then board the plane where staffs are less than enthusiastic, food, drinks, blanket or Wi-Fi may cost extra. But think about getting all of it along with the spectacular vista of a vast sea in front of you. Feels awesome, right? A cruise will give you that. A super luxury form of traveling, apt for leisure is what cruise stands for.

People prefer cruising because of the luxury, the slow place that gives the chance to enjoy the trip, the exotic food, the dedicated cabin that gives the desired privacy to the traveler, the visit at various amazing locations and the chance to interact with different people of different culture. There are limited chances of it while you are flying. Luxury is never a thing that goes along with flight.


If you are planning for a trip of a few days, then an airplane is the right one for you. But cruise will give you the opportunity to travel and spend the leisure if you are planning for a long vacation.

If you are thinking of visiting a sandy beach and spend the whole vacation there, then go for flying. But if you have enough time and you won’t mind spending the whole or the half of it traveling, then cruise is the right choice for you. The leisurely trip on open water will be rejuvenating for you.


This is another factor that causes wrinkles on the forehead of most of the travelers. Facilities in airlines are not always free. Snacks, increased leg rooms, facility of Wi-Fi are never free or included in the fare. And the price never remains the same, rather increases. But in the case of ships, the facilities like onboard casino or alcohol or shopping destinations are not included in the price paid while booking. But most of the facilities are included in those fares.


Privacy is a constant issue while you are traveling by plane. Your co-passenger might spill the drink onto your expensive Armani suit or keep on snoring and you can’t do anything about it. But in the cruise, you are blessed with a personal cabin with no one to poke their nose in your matter. And if the cabin is small, you can always roam around on the ship. You also can choose your dinner companions according to your wish.


In a cruise, the options of entertainment are unlimited. When a ship arrives at some port, travelers can go on a trip of the city or the place. Apart from this, there are plenty of other entertaining programs and activities like shows in Las Vegas style, art classes, and so on.

Flights will provide you with a limited scope of entertainment. If the journey is too long, then you can watch a movie. But you can’t choose, which one you will watch. You have to listen to the dialogues through earphones.


According to the reports of the Telegraph UK one of the biggest shipping companies in the cruising business, Carnival, has revealed in their annual environment report that the ships release on average 712 kg of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

This fact makes it evident that when it comes to environment friendliness, the flights fare better than ships. Though they still contribute to pollution, yet they are still better than cruise industry.

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