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Chile is a long ribbon of land that extends from Altiplano, abutting Bolivia and Peru to the point where the Andes sink into the ocean at Navarino Island, located on the southern side of the Beagle Channel. To have a rough idea about the size of Chile, it is a bit longer than Argentina, a thin strip running along the coast, but with a maximum width of 445 kilometers, about 275 miles.

Chile is isolated from the rest of the world by the huge Andean mountain range and the sea. In recent years, the Chileans have transformed themselves into good exporters. Once you are in Chile you will see amazing wines and the extravagance of fresh vegetables and fruits, and not to forget the great seafood it has to offer.

It doesn’t matter if you like to explore the culture of Easter Island, hike among the glaciated towers of Torres del Paine National Park, or visiting the Aymara Atacama desert villages, you will always come across beautiful landscapes with vivacious and gracious people.

If you are looking for trekking tours in Chile, then you must go through the following trekking tours that are planned keeping in mind your comfort.


    • Aconcagua it is the Mountain Expedition to the highest mountain (6,959 m) outside of Asia, which is of 22 days. This package starts from 3650 EUR.


    • Patagonia you can enjoy rafting, horse riding, and hiking in this area for 20 days. The package starts from 4990 EUR.


    • Atacama Desert National Parks There is nothing better than exploring the amazing wildlife National Parks have to offer, including the Alerce Andino and Torres Del Paine parks. It is a 20 day tour which costs around 4148 EUR.


    • Nature Tour This is a 15 day, boating tour to Torres Del Paine and Atacama while you stay on the Patagonia farm. It costs around 4599 EUR.


    • Trekking Tour Patagonia This includes a visit to the Strait of Magellan, Perito Moreno glacier, Torres Del Paine, and Fitz Roy. It is a 19 day tour with a starting price of 4290 EUR.

These are just some of the trekking tours in Chile that you can enjoy. Good travel organizers always make sure that whatever plans they are offering are convenient for their customers. Moreover, with years of experience in their respective fields they cut out a tour plan that covers maximum places in the given amount of time.

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