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If you are a nursing student it is understandable if you are naturally curious about healthcare standards in other places. After all, different countries have unique ways of treating diseases, and some protocols and standards online make their way home after a medical professional has discovered and adopted them. Learning about healthcare in other countries while you travel can help you to excel in your online nursing degree studies, giving you an exciting chance to learn while you get one step closer to graduation. Here are some of the most interesting countries that every nursing student should visit when given the opportunity.


Canada is pretty high up on the list of countries that nursing students should visit for a very good reason. Despite the fact that Canada has a universal healthcare system, droves of Canadian citizens still travel to the U.S. for various medical treatments. Since you likely will encounter Canadian patients after completing your online nursing degree, it is smart to get to know how the two healthcare systems work cooperatively. See the types of medical equipment and technologies used in Canadian hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices, and find out first-hand how medical innovations make their way from country to country.

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