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Corporate Travel Management is one of the many management functions that an organization does. It is a process of managing and arranging business tours and travels, required to run a business. Corporate travel management includes corporate travel program, travelers’ safety and security, corporate credit-card management and travel and expenses management. This should not be confused with another business of travel agency. Travel agencies implement whatever has been decided by the corporation, i.e. management decides what, how and when to do the travel and the formulation is done by the agency, which just follows the parameters given to them. The corporate travel management decides on things like, which class to fly in, class of hotel and the budget, use of corporate credit cards by travelers, and decides on other travel expenses (these travel expenses are not just limited to the cost incurred during a tour like airline, rail, boat, hotel, car rentals, etc, but also includes all other charges incurred on an employ while working in the organization like that of staff and client meals, cab fares, client gifts, office supplies et al). Once decided, the agency follows these instructions and works accordingly.

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