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For many centuries, Asia has attracted intrepid explorers from across the globe and this remains as true today as it was nearly two thousand years ago when Roman traders first arrived in Cambodia, Sumatra, Java, and what was then still known as Siam (modern day Thailand). While the lure of the exotic East is as strong today as it was then, thankfully the hardships that ancient travellers had to endure are no longer an issue for modern-day explorers. However, if you would like to discover parts of the continent that regular tourists often miss, you will need to put a little more effort into your travel plans than most people do.

Planning a Special Holiday in Asia
There are two main approaches you can take when planning a more off the beaten track holiday in Asia: do-it-yourself or booking through a travel agency that specialises in the arrangement of customised travel packages to suit the needs of individual clients. Each approach has its pros and cons.


    • Specialist Travel Agencies If you scour the Internet for firms that provide packages to travellers who want to delve a little deeper into local customs and cultures in the Orient, you will come across sites such as Backyard Travel Tailor Made Tours Asia, which contain details of various destinations that you may wish to visit, along with an offer to put together a package that is tailored to meet your individual needs. The biggest benefit of working with an established specialist is that you will have access to years of knowledge and experience that you would otherwise miss out on. The only disadvantage is that it may cost a little more than the DIY approach outlined below.



  • Do-It-Yourself This approach to exploring off the beaten track in Asian countries is exactly what it sounds like: you do everything yourself. You will need to book your flight tickets, plan an itinerary (or make one up as you go along), and find places to stay wherever you happen to be each night. The biggest advantage of this approach is that you can get up every day and choose where you are going to go. The biggest disadvantage is that, with no real on-the-ground knowledge of the countries you plan to visit, you could end up encountering various difficulties that are hard to solve without expert assistance. In the event that you have to turn to local travel agencies for help, your Asian adventure may end up costing a fair bit more than it would have done had you enlisted the help of a travel agent before you set off on your travels.

Whichever approach you choose, there are many fascinating destinations in Asia just waiting for you to discover them. From Skeleton Lake in India to the jungles of northeast Cambodia, the continent is filled with hidden treasures that will delight, horrify, and excite you in equal measure. One thing you must remember to do is to arrange all the necessary visas for your trip in advance.

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