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Burma, or Myanmar as it is known today, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists. One glimpse at the several stupas dotting the country and the tea-colored rivers is enough to entice a visitor to this historically rich nation. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Myanmar is the home of one of those few ancient civilizations that remains richly alive even among ruins.

One great way to experience the life and times of yore at Burma is through the popular river cruises. Sailing through the important rivers that travel across this ancient land, tourists can explore all aspects of Myanmar from ancient to modern, from rustic life to the urban hustle and bustle.

There are some popular Burma cruises that are worth the time invested in. With majority of its population resorting to agriculture for a living, Myanmar’s lush green fields offer the pleasantest sight while cruising down its rivers. Flowing through temple-dotted towns, water buffaloes wading through muddy waters and fishermen going about their daily routine in wooden canoes, river cruises of Burma offer a wholesome experience to the travelers.

You can find cruise through the massive Irrawady River. Travelling between Pyay and Mandalay,tourists can experience Buddhism inspired pagodas and culture, explore colonial architecture left behind by the British and, of course, visit the cave temples that are decorated with art left behind by artists of the 14th to the 18th centuries.

More often than not, river cruises in Burma also offer their guests a chance to experience and enjoy the ancient forms of yoga and meditation. The cruises are also replete with spas and swimming pools that offer a complete package of relaxation to tourists.

While some travelers may prefer a calm, meditative travel in Burma, there are others who quest for absolute adventure. Catering to the vacation requirements of such adventurous spirits, Burma river cruise operators have customized tour packages that include under water adventure sports. One of the most popular spot to enjoy underwater adventure sports is the Myeik Archipelago. Situated at the far south of Myanmar, this archipelago comprises 808 islands and thousands of virgin beaches and coral reefs awaiting explorers. Popular under water adventures here include scuba diving and deep sea diving where people can enjoy their visit to this diversity of sea life. Home to whale sharks and small colorful schools of fish, these waters make for a perfect visit to the mermaid land. Travelers can cruise down the Irrawady to Bagan and set off on these adventure sports here.

River cruises in Burma ensure that the travelers enjoy a wholesome Burmese experience. Besides docking at pristine beaches, guests aboard cruises are introduced to exotic Burmese cuisine, especially their sea foods, pampered with famous Burmese massages and are guided through mesmerizing jungle waterfalls.

River cruise operators in Burma have customized packages of varying costs to suit the travelers. There are some that last a few days, while some others that host guests for a couple of weeks, thus ensuring every guest returns with a pleasant Burmese experience.

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