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When it comes to buying a holiday, the cheaper the better applies to many individuals as household budgets grow tighter and those little luxuries become limited. Finding a cheaper holiday though needn’t involve selling your soul!

Booking a holiday that another individual has cancelled can unlock huge savings, particularly when holidaying in season as hotels and airline operators simply don’t want to see seats and rooms empty. Thanks to Cheap Beach Holidays they have put together their top tips for booking a cancellation holiday

Be flexible with your dates

The key to finding the very best deal and the cheapest one is to be flexible, whether that means on the day, time or date of departure, or even your destination. Try to steer clear of times and days that will be in high demand with other holiday makers. A mid-week night flight tends to be the most affordable, whilst travelling in school holidays is a big no-no for those looking to bag a bargain.

Blame it on the weatherman

The great thing about booking a cancellation holiday at the last minute is that you can check the weather before booking to ensure that it is the right time for you to visit. Many people become obsessed with checking the weather in the days, weeks and even months before their holidays, so take advantage of this last minute perk to ensure you get a great deal and the best forecast.

Shop around for the extras

You may have bagged yourself a cheaper holiday by opting for a cancellation but don’t let those extras hike up the price. Shop around for an even better bargain by using price comparison websites for all those travel extras. There are plenty of deals to be had on travel insurance, car hire, airport parking and travel money so be a regular Del Boy!

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