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Berlin is a city that will hit you right in the soul when you visit it. Rarely, will you find a city with such a visceral historical experience, with the latest hipster bars just a few blocks away. The metropolitan atmosphere intertwined with the overarching sense of history in Berlin makes it such a great city. However, when you want to visit such a great city, you also need a great place to stay. But where are these great places to stay in Berlin? Well that’s what we will take a look at here.


The exact place you decide to stay will of course, depend on what you are looking for? Are you working on a budget? Do you want to stay in a more historic hotel or a more modern, bohemian hideout? These are all areas that Berlin excels at, offering many great spots for everyone.


On the more historic side of locations there is the Hotel ReihmersHofgerten, which is an old turn of the century building slightly out of the main tourist areas of central Berlin. Each room has custom designed furniture and the restaurant boasts a great restaurant and a lot of other charming quirks.


Coming up on the more modern boutique side, you could decide to stay in the Hotel that is owned by a Spanish shoe company. Casa Camper Berlin is an extremely luxurious hotel. Offering a totally free snack bar to all guests as well as party goers and other passers-by. This results in the hotel being a hub for many people from all walks of life making it an ideal place to meet new and interesting people.


On the slightly cheaper side, but still keeping with the charm of this great city is the Amano hotel. This is a hotel that is situated right in the heart of Berlin and is a great option for anyone who wants to be close to the action at all times. Amano comes along with the very charming quirk of allowing guests to rent an iPod that comes pre-loaded with many songs that sum up what the true experience of Berlin is. There is also a guide to the city loaded on to it too, just for good measure.


Berlin is a fantastic city steeped in heritage and history; when staying in a place like this you must choose where you stay wisely as it could make the difference between the trip of a lifetime and not. Whatever tickles your fancy, Berlin has what you are looking for.

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