Bergamo Travel Guide: Bergamo City Map

The Bergamo Travel Guide for Tourist is a resource for those who are heading to Bergamo, Italy. From this map, you can plan your trip with ease and get travel tips from other visitors!

Map of the City of Bergamo

Bergamo is a beautiful city located in the Lombardy region of Italy. It is famous for its Renaissance and Baroque architecture, as well as its chocolate and cheese production. The city is also home to many important cultural attractions, such as the Brera Gallery and the Museo del Bargello.

To get around Bergamo, you can use the map on this page to orient yourself. The map shows major streets and landmarks in the city. You can also find additional information about Bergamo on our website, including tourist information, events calendars, and more.

If you’re planning a visit to Bergamo, be sure to check out our blog for tips on how to enjoy your stay!

Bergamo: History

Bergamo is a charming medieval city located in Lombardy, Italy. It has a rich history dating back to the 8th century when it was founded by the Bergamaschi family. Today, Bergamo is a vibrant city with plenty of attractions and activities to keep visitors entertained. Here are some of the most popular things to do in Bergamo:

-Visit the beautiful Romanesque churches like San Giovanni Evangelista and San Stefano.

-Take a stroll through the charming cobblestone streets of the old town and explore the many boutiques and shops.

-Enjoy a relaxing day at one of the many lakes in the area, like Lake Como or Lago di Garda.

-Visit one of the city’s many art galleries, such as Palazzo Reale or Pinacoteca di Brera.

-Take a ride on one of the city’s lively gondolas.

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The City of Bergamo

Bergamo is a city of art and history, located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. With a population of approximately 180,000, Bergamo is the second largest city in Lombardy after Milan. The city is well known for its Renaissance and Baroque architecture, as well as for its wine production.

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Bergamo is a city with a lot to offer, from the renowned historical centre to the enchanting surroundings of the lakes. If you’re looking for things to do in Bergamo, take a look at our list of attractions below.

Some highlights include the beautiful Brera art gallery and Cappella Palatina, both of which are well worth a visit, as is the Cathedral of St. Ambrose. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to explore in Bergamo too, making it a great place to spend a day or two.

If you’re travelling with children, don’t forget to check out the Aquarium di Bergamo and the Children’s Museum of Bergamo. Finally, if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Bergamo, we recommend checking out our selection of accommodation options.

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Things to do in Bergamo

If you’re looking for a place to spend your holiday or just a day or two in the city, here are some of the things you can do in Bergamo:

Walk around the lakeside town of Brembana, which is home to a number of churches and palazzi dating back to the 14th century.

Visit the Caffè Florian, a famous coffee house that’s been in business since 1827.

Take a trip down memory lane at the Museo Teatrale del Comune di Bergamo, home to valuable works by 16th century artists such as Pietro Perugino and Fra Bartolommeo.

Check out the art galleries and boutiques in the historic centre of Bergamo.

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