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Necessity of Corporate Travel Management:

In most of the organizations travel & expenses cost is one of the most controllable cost to the company. If not controlled properly and in time, these expenses can cause a major hindrance in controlling overhead expenditures. The management of this department is done by Corporate Travel Manager, under the department of HR, Finance or Administration department. Since the corporate travel management touches all other departments’ overheads in some form or the other, so it can come under any of the above mentioned departments. This makes it so crucial to pay equal importance to this section of an organization too like any other major division in a company. Moreover the economic recession of recent past has made the corporate travel managers take the center seat and made their role more prominent in all organizations. Their role has become an integral part of any top executive strategic planning done by the organizations. Corporate travel management provides support services which in turn facilitates the business in reducing the cost, increasing the efficiency and maximizing travelers’ welfare, along with fulfilling their overall business travel requirements. With the help of this branch of management, the top management of the organization can look for the various options available to them of all travelling needs and then chose the best option that will meet the ultimate goal of the business.

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