Bathe Your Senses on Travel

The soothing sound of the sea, relaxing views, the feel of the breeze on your skin and taste of salt on your lips create the perfect relaxing environment. To maximise the effects, tune in to your bodily sensations with a few minutes of mindfulness, with these tips from Dr Cracknell. O6Turn your phone off, remove your shoes and walk barefoot on the beach to connect with your surroundings. Use all five senses to explore the environment around you.

O6Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the sea. Hear the waves breaking on the beach and listen to the sounds they make as they retreat back again, drawing sand or pebbles back with them. Can you hear the cries of gulls or the sound of the wind swishing around your face? O6Stand facing the breeze with your eyes closed.

Open your mouth and taste the air. Can you taste salt on your tongue? O6Feel the texture of pebbles beneath your feet or the feeling of the sand between your toes. How do the different textures feel? Now let a wave break over your feet. Is it warmer or cooler? O6Watch the rhythmic pattern of the waves as they form out in the sea and move towards the beach, then break on the shore. O6Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, smelling the salty air and its refreshing, organic aroma.

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