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Alcohol is the primary source of fuel for a memorable stag weekend, all too often this important food group can cause the body to feel inexplicably depressed. This means that as the shots start flying one after the other and the pints are being chugged, your happy-hormones, also called endorphins, are being suppressed.

And then there’s the headaches the following day that make one feel like ending it all

…But NOT on a stag weekend in Barcelona while with the lads, this is no time for reflecting on the pain of being hungover. The show must go on and luckily there are some practical ways of rising above the unbearable after effects and getting back into the swing of things, or at the very least, upright in a bar stool.

To yer Bikes Mr Hearties!

Bike tours are the very thing for this condition. Not only will the warm Barcelona sun shining on your face invigorate and soothe your pain, but getting all that oxygen in your lungs is as every bit as good as sitting in your hotel room feeling miserable, probably better.

Plus, you will be able to get a look at the cultural side of this magnificent city, take plenty of pictures as photographic evidence that you and your mates are a cultural bunch after all, not the band of hooligans you sometimes appear to be in the comfort of home.

There are more and more options for this very type of tour, but Pissup Tours , as its name implies, is by far the most professional of the Stag Bike Tours featured in Barcelona. Count on them to cater well to you and your entourage.

No need to worry about climbing ruthless inclines or tumbling down the side of a cliff, Barcelona is a relatively flat city and is easily explored by people of all physical conditions. This non-strenuous activity is your first remedy to the hangover from last night’s activities.

Now to Soak up a bit of culture While We are Here

Ciutadella Park is a perfect stop for a bike tour to have drink before continuing through the twisting streets of CiutatVella, the Old City. This is one of the most beautiful spots in Barcelona, you and group will surely have a blast winding up and down the dirt paths amidst the shady groves and spectacular vista of Spanish design and art.

Then it is time for the second remedy for the wickedest hangover, a couple shots of this and a pint of that. You may think this is counterproductive, but this hair of the dog concept has been in effect for many eons now and who are we to dispute it.

The idea or at least the phrase, comes from the ancient belief that the best cure for a bite inflicted by a rabid dog is to grab some of the dog’s hair and stuff it into the wound. Whether that actually works or not is irrelevant here because drinkers from all around the world have found the idea to have certain merit when treating the effects of a hangover.

It might not cure you but it will certainly stabilize the constitutions and alleviate the pain, having you back and bantering with your cronies. So grab a beer and sit back to relax and enjoy the scenery around one of the many Cascadas ” this should return you to regular robust self and get you in shape for the remainder of your treatment.

After a drink or two it is time to move on to one of the most popular sites in the continent; the SagradaFamilia. This is the masterpiece of one of the city’s most significant architects, Antoni Gaudi. Initial construction on the unbelievable conception of this incredible edifice was begun in 1882, it is still under construction and the date of completion is set for sometime in the 2026.

On to the Sand, Sea and Sangria

Barceloneta beach is a perfect spot for truly enjoying the views of this Spanish City. Leaving Gaudi’s architectural innovation it is a downhill ride to the beaches of Barcelona’s coastal community. Here is where we will find the third and final treatment for a hangover, the Beach.

The place is dotted with the most charming tapas bars all selling a great variety of delicious munchies and quality beverages. This is also a great chance to go hit the waves and spend time bathing in the therapeutic waters of the mediterranean. The mix of sun, surf and a decent sangria will restore you to be full 100%.

Hangover Cured
Then you will head off to the city center where you can return the borrowed bikes., feeling a thousand times better than when you had started. With a bit of planning and a sense of adventure you can keep in tip top shape and fully enjoy your stag weekend with the lads.

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