Bangkok Guide

Just woke up pretty sure my face is a bit burnt from yesterday. I don’t think, it’s too bad could be better. And this is my bedroom as you can see, it’s beautifully decorated I’ll be contacting the interior decorator to try to get something set up back home the room is not much but this is what, it’s all about check out this view unbeatable view.

And there’s the bathroom that. I messed up last night. And totally wrecked the shower.

I accidentally knocked out the handle. And just started shooting water everywhere. So they had to cut off our water supply.

And, I’m extremely dehydrated right now because you can’t actually drink the tap water here because, it’s unhealthy they don’t filter to filter it at all. I don’t think maybe a bit but uh. So you have to go get water bottles any time you want to drink water.

So that’s my next step for today just leaving the hostel grams. And we are heading back to Bangkok, it’s a nice weekend trip that. I have class tomorrow.

And I guess somewhat real-life not really school is not too difficult. I don’t think but hasn’t really started yet. So we’ll see there’s tons of street vendors out here and.

So you can go to basically any side streets. And grab things like chicken on a stick which is deep-fried put in a bag with ketchup. And one of these is 10 baht which is equivalent to like 35 cents Canadian, it’s pretty awesome there’s tons of different ways people make money here when we first arrived to Costa met they literally shut the gate on us.

And they were like if you want to go buy you have to pay 20 baht which is like nothing but still people will just do anything. And try to cheat you of your money sometime. So you have to be smart about it but yeah here is the dock.

So we will be taking off in about 20 minutes you don’t know style until you’ve seen the new very real definitely not knockoff. I need one sorry yeah they looks a little Haggard as usual there’s been a delay. So, we’re waiting about to take off here, I’m gonna make it back in time.

So we can catch the 2:00 o’clock bus otherwise, we’re gonna wait another hour. So on the other side there’s been worse places to get stuck very beautiful here welcome to the party bus that Pikachu in style this one’s much nicer – yeah we literally just fit in time our bow is like half an hour late. So we almost had to wait an extra couple hours here by potty here we made it let it from the bottom now, we’re here there they have a best to ourselves claim the back.

I live in that knife let me the loca they keep playing this music though. And, it’s like this little weird Chinese Japanese music. And, it’s torturous.

So we finally made it here only in power. And a half delay because of the traffic in Bangkok pretty standard finally it’s so much warmer outside.

I was freezing to death because of the air conditioning today yes thank you.

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