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My inbuilt nature of adventure and interest in travel has made me travel to several places across the globe. Last December vocation I encountered an intimate journey I will live to remember for decades. I am more than elated to describe my stupendous journey to Angola more specifically the encounter with the thrilling the Kalandula falls. I was airlifted from Birmingham to Angola through flight that dropped me in the cool city of Luanda the capital of Angola. I accessed my hotel in a cab that was steered by an Italian expert.

In the trip of one week I got a noble chance to meet and interact with indigenous people, such a rare warmth. The food was good though unique and different from what am used to. Crayfish, beef and rice are some of the staple food, I bet a vegetarian could have several adjustments to fit. Language was a little of frustration.

The following morning after arrival was the day I destined to visit river Lucala and Kalandula falls. The weather here in Angola itself is adventurous. A chilly weather that latter turned into slightly sunny with feeble droplets of rainfall making beautiful images of rainbow colors everywhere. Wow! For the first time, I imagined how he the long narrated heaven looks like. What an embodiment of serene beauty!

The famous long praised Kalandula falls is the best place for an addicted adventurer. River Lucala is one of the tributaries of river Cuanza. River Cuanza is known for rich biodiversity with myriad of fish species accounting for more than 50 species. I had to choose a hotel which was just around the falls of which it took me 20 minutes to reach the scene. The height and width of the falls itself describe the beautiful history. A documental dimension of 105 by 400 meters, height and width respectively.

The word Duque-de-Braganca’, the colonial name of the falls was clearly outlined on a smooth curving on a rock which clearly explains what it all entail. Even before you browse through the totality of the prodigious scene the curve in the deep valley gave the environment its romantic, I clearly came to agree to the theory of falling in love with nature. The falling rows of water were like large arms of giants punctuated by small aerodromes near the falls.

The local were so social unlike other places I had been before. I gathered new friends who helped me move around the scene. We peeked over the falls and down the river we were, I checked into my guide book and it was even clearer than discussed. We maneuvered over Slick rocks and muddy paths which proved a surefire tumble someone klutz as me. I could not afford to break an uncle in this foreign n land without any sign of a health care facility companions suggested a trip to through the native Kalandula town .we all went back to the vehicle and moved around as we get the view of old colonial houses. The mission church stood antiquely as if to remind anyone of the colonial architectures. I dropped my friends at the town and traced my way back to the hotel. On the way I took several fascinating features like the finger mountain, the path winding by the river and many other features.
No one is ever a tourist before visiting the Kalandula fall of Angola. THE DUQUE-DE-BRAGANCA’ still occupies every throb of my heart. Visit this wonderful scenery and thank me later.

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