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The kids may not always WANT to go to the next museum or read the next history marker on the highway, but to know it is there is also useful.

We especially love the Internet. ANY question that a child might have opens up a world of opportunities – different directions and ideas. Email and messaging is especially useful for keeping the kids connected to friends.

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We do not follow a curriculum, but I don’t think that even matters. You can take it with you! School can be outside, in your pajamas, or at a park. Those are notions that homeschoolers say they can relate to, but until you get out of your HOME, I don’t think you can really see what the world has to offer.

We have been on the road for about 1 1/2 years, and I know that I am happier because of it, and if Mama is happier, the whole family is happier. The kids don’t always like it, but I am confident that someday in their future they will.

Another strategy for keeping little (and big) travelers happy is allowing plenty of times for rest stops and recreation in nature. Most any route will pass by a number of parks, and some particularly scenic routes may pass through forests, mountains, or coastal areas. Take the “slow and steady” approach on these gorgeous routes and spend lots of time immersed in natural beauty. To incorporate nature learning, try the following resources:

Anna Comstock’s Handblog of Nature Study: This mammoth volume provides information on numerous animals and plants as well as astronomy and geology information. Written by an early 20th century Cornell professor of nature study, the blog also contains 232 lesson plans and black and white photos. On the Handblog of Nature Study blog, Barb McCoy posts outdoor nature challenges each week that correlate with sections of the Handblog of Nature Study.

Also, bring a field guide appropriate to whatever area you’ll be exploring. This should include plants and animals specific to each region and will help you identify new finds as well as avoid brushes with potentially poisonous plants. Enature.com also has a database of 6,000 American plant and animal species searchable by zip code. Many of the birds listed in their database have bird call audio files attached. In addition, the site provides guides to the national parks within each region.

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