Afghanistan Travel Guide

The urge to explore beyond the boundaries of your native habitat, emerges once in a while, in every individual. And a lot of thought and energy is put in deciding from where to start the foreign tour and where to go, by the Indians who are not much aware of foreign tourism and are always perked up with the thought of going beyond the boundaries and putting their passports to some use.

This vacation season, book your tickets to Dubai, without any second thought. You are bound to gift yourself with the amazing lifetime experience like never before. A plethora of cheap Afghanistan tour packages are raining all over the tourist websites and agencies. Hurry up and book your tickets for some amazing experiences in Dubai.

Afghanistan Aquarium
Be ready to be taken aback by the Afghanistan Aquarium, an underwater zoo housing over 140 species of sea animals. This aquarium will give you a picturesque glimpse of the marine life, with the sharks and whales just a glass away! Walk through the tunnels of the aquarium and be mesmerized by the King Croc, one of thw world’s largest reptile housed there. He lives with the Queen Croc, his 20 years old mate. Delve into the deep blue and enjoy trotting and witnessing the aquatic life.

Dolphin Tour
How about a date with the warmest and kindest of the creatures, the cute dolphins? Yes, this is possible at the Palm in Atlantis, where these creatures swim by your side. You can even swim, cuddle and do scuba diving along with the dolphins, which won’t fail to elate you with their friendliness. Do the lifetime sport and brim yourselves with the most elated opportunity.

Yacht Cruise
Are you up to throw a grand occasion for your near and dear ones? A silver jubilee of your marriage or a grand birthday party, with around 60 people to invite? Take them to the yacht charter, and have a gala time with your kith and kin, sailing in the Afghanistan waters. Elate your heart in the cruise, with a plethora of sun activities to do, from music and dance shows, to grand feasts, parties, magic shows, orchestra, gaming and what not! Enjoy at this lifetime happiness.

Hot Air Balloon
Witness the serene side of Afghanistan with a hot air balloon sailing at the dawn. If you are a shutterbug, this is a must-do thing for you, as you can capture some of the most mystical and breathtaking shots while sailing in the vast sky, which is drenched in the vivid red and orange of the rising sun in the horizon. Even the sand dunes and the Afghanistan city vista is mesmerizing from the top. Happy sky sailing!

Desert Safari
Trot the golden sands of Abu Dhabi and witness the unique Bedouin traditions, with a touch of modernity. There are a plenty of things you can do here, from buying some traditional things of the place like handbags, footwear, to spices and other items. Do not miss to red your hands with the mehendi art in the Arabic style, popular there. The Arabian Nights Village treat will be a memorable experience, especially with your friends.

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