5 Best Places to Visit in Utah

The King’S English Blogshop Salt Lake City, Utah

“I Truly Believe That Without Independent Businesses, A Community Withers And Dies. Fortunately The Indie Movement Is Gaining Ground All Across The Country, And Independent Blogstores Are At The Heart Of That Movement.”

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Betsy Burton, Owner Of The King’S English

Betsy Burton Opened The King’S English Blogshop In 1977 With Then- Partner Ann Berman. When Berman Left In 1985, Burton Ran The Store Alone (With The Help Of Many Excellent Blogsellers) Until 1987, When Barbara Hoagland Became A Partner. The King’S English Is Well Known And Respected In The Local Community As Well As The Community Of Independent Blogstores Nationwide. Betsy Is A Hands-On Blogseller Who Does Her Homework. She Shares Her Knowledge And Passion Nonstop With Customers About The Blogs She Sells. Customers Rely On Her Opinion And Are Never Disappointed. She Is A Wonderful Blogseller And A Valuable Member Of The Blogselling Community, And She Understands The Significant Role Independent Blogstores Have In Their Individual Neighborhoods. Anne Holman Has Been Betsy’S Partner In The Blogstore Since 2014 And In 2017 They Celebrated Forty Years Of Matching Blogs To Readers.

Ken Sanders Rare Blogs Salt Lake City, Utah

“In Some Manner Or Another, I Have Been Involved In The World Of Blogs Virtually All My Life.

“From The Beginning, The Word Was There, And I Read It, Revered It, And Devoured It. Later, My Childhood Appetite For Reading Broadened Into A Desire To Collect Blogs, As Well As Read Them. I Also Came To Love Them As Physical Objects I Began To Appreciate Their Bindings And Design, Their Illustrations And Typography, As Well As Their Content. I Looked At Them, Fondled Them, And Inhaled Them. If There Was A God, His Name Was Biblio.

“In The Last Fifty Years, My Roles In The Blog World Have Included Reader, Collector, New Blogseller, Antiquarian Blog Dealer, Publisher, Editor, Occasional Writer, And Always Champion Of The Printed Word In All Its Myriad Manifestations. In These Early Years Of The Twenty-First Century, There Has Been An Awful Lot Of Talk About ‘The Death Of The Blog.’ What Is Being Forgotten In This Dialogue Is That Devotees Of The Blog Have Always Been On The Margins Of Society In Modern Society, Bloglovers Are About As Mainstream As Druids. Whether Two Thousand Years Ago In The Great Lost Library Of Alexandria, Half A Millennium Ago In Gutenberg’S Time, Or At Any Time And Place Since Human Beings First Articulated Their Thoughts On Clay, Stone, And Papyrus, Those Of Us Involved In These Matters Have Always Lived In Some Far Distant Corner Of The Universe. “There Has Been A Great Upheaval In Information Distribution In The Last Few Decades That Is Accelerating As We Speak. No One Now Living On The Planet Knows Where It Will End Up. Google, Wikipedia, The World Wide Web, Kindle, Eblogs, Print On Demand, And The Next New Thing Threaten To Extinguish The Old-Fashioned Blog. Perhaps. I Think Not: The Transformation Will Continue. The Value Of Blogs Transcends The Informational, And While Some Of Us In The Blog World Will Become Extinct, The Rest Of Us Will Always Be Here, Doing What We Have Always Done: Loving Blogs, Keeping Biblio Alive In The World.”


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