Without a doubt my favorite experience is being here at song saw has been the amazing amazing food but right now we’re heading to the breakfast buffet. And it’s in there vista restaurant doesn’t get old i’m mixing things eggs benedict what’s wrong with something inside of it come it up Dora we got a sink full of fruit positive attitude just going to drop our bags. And run off basically because we’re onto a day trip Ben. And I are going to be doing a quick kayaking trip to the mangrove Ronnie’s going to stay behind get a few shots being moved from our last deluxe these ones here on the water absolutely beautiful but we’re basically just dropping our bags. And then heading off because Ben. And I are going on a trip we’re going to the Monroes by kayak. And right after that we’ll be back. I thought I’ll let you know good how are you yeah hi thank you. I waters really shallow here. And basically as clear as can be moments like these. And all. I can say is damn nature you beautiful so there’s crazy little narrow fish. And basically we just thought twice now where the fish instead of swimming away it literally runs on the water so it basically gets above the water uses this little fin. And paddles really quickly. And skims on the water lots of butterflies Oh last place. I was in in Panama saw the exact same kind of area you know shallow waters mangroves. And I saw a six seven-foot crocodile. I just saw flowed there are none here no crocodiles to be concerned of this feels really weird right now because the water is so still it’s like a sheet of glass. And we’re just like hovering over it feels really nice these are the ideal kayaking conditions no doubt so right now my co-pilot although.

3 DAYS IN HEAVEN – Koh Rong Photo Gallery

I should say pilot he’s doing all the work is tie back here. And he’s the he leads the water sports at song saw he actually grew up in the village here just on koh rong island. And song saw came in basically they’ve helped improve the welfare of the entire village so they’ve actually helped set up filtration systems for the water they’ve implemented education from primary to secondary which before that people used to basically have to send their kids to the mainland which wasn’t really an option for most families here. And so he’s just saying how they’ve definitely had a very positive impact in the community chai he told us that he started off in laundry song sauce taught him how to speak english. And now he leads the water sports the reason he told us that he learned english is really cool he said he wanted to be able to share what he knows. And learn what is going on around the world. And the best way for him to do that was learned english so we are just about at the top of the mangrove 30 minutes of strenuous kayaking later we’re back. And they have like cold cloth ready for us they give us this massive cannister it’s like a layer of snack there’s cookies fruit what else is there muffin muffin okay. And the sandwich like. I always cook you know this nice we are back here at song stuff. And we’re going to go check in on Ronnie see what he’s been up to hi Kevin what’s up so it’s something that’s off on the camera. I have to check like five times to make sure it’s set but guys we are enjoying our final night here at song saw this has been one of my top hotel experiences ever. And you can see why it’s without a doubt the most luxurious place I’ve ever stayed in we’ve been treated so well here by all the staff the food has been world-class. And the experience unforgettable then taking a break from photos of his hand he’s a filming his hand past three hours Ronnie.

And I have been out collecting shots around the resort Ben’s been working on the cuts of the vlog. And yeah today’s been a really productive day we’ve gotten a lot done take in what will be our final sunset here at this beautiful property tonight could be the highlight of the entire day I’m so so excited we have heard so many good things about the bioluminescent plankton that surround co-run Island essentially what happens is they collect light throughout the day I’m led to believe. And when you make any movement near the plankton they actually emit a really bright blue light you have to be in a really dark area so if there’s any light pollution it’ll be harder to see them but I think the boat driver is going to take us somewhere nice. And dark somewhere away from any buildings. And lights. And we should definitely get a good view of the plankton I’m just hoping that it’s going to show up on camera so. I can share with you guys but nonetheless it’ll be a very cool experience the last thing we need is another meal SOPA so it is time to go get our final dinner here at some stuff we’re going swimming with some bioluminescent plankton yes life is not about how hard you hit but how hard you can get hit. And keep on moving. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here today we’re just going to keep on recording.

So I’m right now at the airport. And there are cows literally just walking by the gate letting people into the airport in life things do not always work out as planned. And today was one of those days. I spend the entire morning recording only to realize now that the footage I’ve just put on my computer has no audio the auxilary cord plugging the external mic into the camera obviously came loose. I filmed talking about our next trip about the milestone we hit today. And a bunch of other stuff. And it’s gone said I’m coming at you from a parking lot at the sihanoukville Airport definitely not as pretty but I hope you bear with me here so at this point. I assume. I said something along the lines of good morning YouTube. And from there on we basically just wrapped up our time here at Songza grid the most amazing three nights staying here first things first. I would like to congratulate my beautiful girlfriend here just hit 100k on YouTube a massive milestone going show us. And love she appreciates every single one of you guys what’s up guys it is me hello have you misty I’ve missed you guys second one we have just 250 thousand today ourselves that’s a quarter of a way to 1 million fun to be in my video from Siem Reap it wasn’t your name I’ll quit read oh. And yeah so he saw me he came. And said hi. And he’s with his buddy right now he’ll probably thank you very much so nice to meet you he’s actually been watching in Cambodia vlog future cool now the next exciting announcement is our next destination where we’re going to be traveling to alright guys we’ve checked in for a flight. And next stop is p.m. reaps so we’ve got a one-hour flight going all the way up north that’s all.

I got. And the microphone is the microphone working Oakley Ronnie’s fake identity actual name is Todd stop saluting us what we land is the good landing am i right engine one sec engine two one better than none. I got right he percent then they said he would never spend but he’s fast bunch of lockup ammo. I would look at it a lot of changes anything sedan the head boy you know the thing you closed like make sure your stuff doesn’t fall from the overhead then just poop right into it well we’ve arrived in Siem Reap let’s see what we can see. And well definitely thought it’d be a little bigger least at least three times bigger than this Angkor Wat I’m more like thinker what like where is it all alright so paying a fixed grade of seven us to get you anywhere downtown to memory plate was 110 per person definitely very much worth it in my opinion though we paid 110 each but we could have gotten it for like roughly fifty. And sixty dollars each tax inclusive if we had gone yesterday but we wanted to give here today so I’m okay great doing some all morning don’t drink much right don’t drink too much left hey this is where we’re staying tonight at the Curie residence stay with us feel at home well. I feel at home as you briefly just saw our drivers name was lamb. And got to talking with him seems like a really legit dude. And we actually have hired him to come pick us up tomorrow morning for something very special we are getting picked up at 5:00 a.m. to watch the monumental sunset sunrise from anchor watch it’s kind of like the thing to do when you come to Siem Reap. And tomorrow is going to be a very very full day so I’m really excited to show you around Siem Reap. And see what we can’t see. And reap I’m going to leave it there so guys hit that thumbs up button hit that subscribe button check out the juice. And let’s get lost again tomorrow um on the day.

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